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Whitehall Locked Down After Police Arrest A Man Near Parliament

Police in the Whitehall neighborhood of London are on high alert after arresting a man who was said to be carrying a knife in the area around Parliament. Officials are telling the media that they’re investigating exactly what happened, but early reports indicate that no one was injured in the incident.

Knives seen on the ground outside Whitehall

Photos that are circulating on social media show two knives and a backpack lying on the ground at the scene. Police are now questioning the suspect and have placed Whitehall on lockdown. Government buildings in Whitehall are also locked down, and witnesses reportedly told Metro that they saw a bread knife at the scene.

Forensics officers were also observed examining evidence near the Houses of Parliament. They were also taking photos of the knives. No injuries were reported

Suspect arrested under Terrorism Act

Met Police said the suspect was arrested under the Terrorism Act. In a statement, Scotland Yard said officers with the Met’s Specialist Firearms Command took him into custody on Parliament Street at Parliament Square. Police wrestled him to the ground near the entrance to Downing Street and the Foreign Office.

The man was wearing dark clothes and had a beard and was in his late 20s, according to Scotland Yard. Officers arrested him on suspicion of possessing a weapon and “on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism.” Officials recovered knives from him and transported him to a police station in southern London. At this time, there is no known threat from the incident.

London Police are undoubtedly on high alert in the area due to the terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge in front of the Houses of Parliament last month. In that attack, a man killed five people when he drove a vehicle through a crowd and then stabbed a police officer before being shot and killed by police.


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