Webtoon Video: Face Recognition Cartoon Camera App Hit South Korea

You can see the augmented reality app on your mobile, which turns people and people around you into cartoon characters. This app makes it easy for everyone to create animated emoticons like Bitmoji or MSQRD and share them on various social media.

Webtoon Video is an self-animated camera app that uses face tracking technology and is gaining popularity as it ranks first in the top apps in photography category in the Google Play Store in South Korea.

The CEO Choi said “We want to shorten the complexity of animation production through the app and lead the era of creating animation for everyone,” he said.

Creativity through the Webtoon Video is being actively used in various fields such as presidential election, school education, and the creation of a messenger emoticon, winning the Excellence Prize in the contest of the Korean Presidential Competition.

Webtoon Video

Webtoon-Video Sample and South Korea presidential candidate Moon and Ahn.

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