“Is Second Hand Vapor from E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

Secondhand Vapor from e cigarettes a danger to health?

Cigarettes and tobacco are old news – vaping is the fast-growing trend now. Almost everywhere we look, there is at least one person who puffs and exhales an opaque cloud of vapor from a batter-operated or electronic cigarette. Many have switched to vapes as, unlike actual cigarettes, these deliver nicotine through a vapor instead of the combustion system of traditional cigarettes. Combustion involves fire, tobacco, and the emission of toxic chemicals – which are widely believed to be missing from vapes, thus the idea of it being safer.

However, while this is a general consensus among people nowadays, with some believing that vapes are not only safer but the harmful side-effects of traditional smoking is altogether nonexistent with vaping, several research teams have begun to analyze the effects of secondhand vapor. England’s health sector’s research revealed that vape and e-cigarettes are 95% safer than conventional tobacco and cigars, but this does not necessarily mean that there is no existence of dangers lying beneath in terms of health factors. In fact, even the “safest” vape juice may even contain certain chemicals that can alter one’s health.

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There are many studies nowadays that aim to investigate and prove that e-cigarettes may pose similar health problems and hazards as that of regular smoking – from short-term changes in the respiratory functions to potential threats laced within certain flavorings or juices that may be linked to lung disease. While e-cigarettes may technically have fewer carcinogens than regular cigarettes, they still contain nicotine, which is known to impair brain development and cause mood disorders among adolescent users.

As it is a fast-growing trend these days, many people have now asked an important question: Should we worry about secondhand smoke – or in this case, secondhand vapor? Should non-vapers be worried about the health effects of inhaling secondhand vapor as well?

Find out with this infographic from Vape Icon:

Secondhand vapor cigarettes