Reed Hastings: Netflix, Culture and Startups

Reed Hastings: Netflix, Culture and Startups
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interview with billionaire, founder and CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings. In this discussion Reeds discusses starting Netflix and creating its culture. Reed also talks about his startups before Netflix and what he learnt from them.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
1:07 How do you set and scale culture?
4:09 How to preserve the culture?
4:55 Does culture reflect the founder?
5:26 From Math in Swaziland to a masters in Computer science at MIT or Stanford
6:57 House of Cards or Orange is the new black?
7:42 Stanford or MIT?
7:46 The first Netflix DVD you rented?
7:52 The first Netflix show you streamed?
8:00 Favourite movie?
8:07 Favourite TV show?
8:21 Views on net neutrality?
10:36 Your first startup?
13:40 How to choose the right people?
15:28 How deep do you go with references?
16:13 How did Pure Software prepare you for Netflix?
18:31 What the most important thing?
20:02 What are your superpowers?
21:26 Are you a media mogul?
21:46 Do you compete with Jeff Bezos?
22:33 Cash in the bank?
24:16 Subscription revenue?
24:32 Option to sell to Blockbuster?
25:29 Did you ever consider selling?
25:37 What’s in store for the future of Netflix?

Interview Date: 15th September, 2015
Event: KPCB CEO Workshop
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