Nintendo Switch Appears To Be Melting: Could This Be Its Biggest Problem Yet?

Nintendo Switch Appears To Be Melting: Could This Be Its Biggest Problem Yet?
Image Source: Reddit/NSR (screenshot)

The Nintendo Switch so far has enjoyed a dream run with praises from all around (with a few minor issues also), but it appears that the console‘s problems could only just be beginning. Previously, some buyers noticed that the Switch gets quite hot when in use. Now, according to new reports, many are claiming that their Switch may be deforming while placed in the base dock.

Nintendo Switch seems to be melting in docked mode

The news that the console is actually physically warping when left in docked mode for long periods of time comes directly from players who are posting online that they are finding signs of bowing and other deformations while using it in TV mode. Such owners are posting photos of their warped consoles as evidence to prove their claims.

There have been several reports of bending mobile devices, but for a console, this is probably a first. Several Nintendo Switch owners have voiced their concerns about the system’s temperature and deformities on Reddit.

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In a Reddit thread, a user named “_NSR,” posted a photo of his warped Switch. The console in the picture appears to have been warped quite severely towards the right edge.

The user said in the thread, “Luckily it hasn’t affected the way that it plays. The lack of disc drive is definitely a good thing here.”

The user added that he has spent nearly 50 hours of playtime on his hybrid console and noticed that it gets very hot while docked.

“I’m wondering if it being docked is the problem though, most of my time has been on the dock, and it has to work harder to output to a larger screen,” the user said.

Several other owners witnessing the same problem

In the same Reddit thread, several Switch owners confirmed that their systems are experiencing similar problems. Some said that the post persuaded them to check whether they had the similar issue in their system, only to find the same deformity in the console’s plastic.

One owner also posted a YouTube video mentioning that he contacted Nintendo about the problem and received a shipping label so that the gaming giant can investigate the defective console. The Japanese company told the person that the warping is likely an isolated problem, and it will either repair the console or transfer all of its data to a new console and ship it back, reports BGR.

Nothing has been confirmed so far, as the company has not acknowledged the issue publicly. This is not the first known issue with Nintendo Switch. The gaming giant has already faced issues related to dead pixels, scratched screens from the dock, and the left Joy-Con. The last was the most noticeable, as the left Joy-Con had the tendency to lose connection with the system. The gaming giant apparently fixed the Joy-Con issue for all future models now.

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