Mass Protest against Socialism in Venezuela: Minute by Minute

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Venezuela’s mega-protest against the Maduro dictatorship: Venezuelans take to the streets again today for a march of potentially historic proportions. The PanAm Post is blogging live about the event both here and on our Spanish site.

On April 19, Venezuela celebrates the 207th anniversary of the start of its independence movement against Spain, prompting the democratic opposition against dictator Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship to organize marches in the streets of Caracas. The country remains under economic chaos, marked by severe shortages of food and medicine, hyperinflation, and an inept system of central planning controlled by Maduro’s cronies in the armed forces. Last week, Maduro sent helicopters to drop tear gas on protesters. This week, he announced plans to provide arms to 500,000 members of an untrained militia with the intention of combatting what he considers an “illegal effort” to topple his regime. These policy choices, coupled with pressure from the Organization of American States’ (OAS) increased effort to implement a Democratic Charter and the Supreme Court’s coup d’état against the National Assembly, have increased tensions in Venezuela.

10:15 PM

It has been reported that a member of the Bolivarian National Guard was killed in San Antonio de los Altos. Three dead after today’s protests.

9:48 PM

The #NicolasMaduroASESINO etiquette is now trending worldwide.

9:30 PM

Demonstrations and strong repression are reported in San Antonio de Los Altos, Miranda. The Bolivarian National Guard is launching tear gas bombs at housing complexes and demonstrators.

8:50 PM

A group of Venezuelans in Peru has taken to the streets of Lima to protest against the Maduro regime.

8:10 PM

400 people confirmed arrested during a day of massive nationwide protests.

8:08 PM

Protests in the la Florida neighborhood.

7:30 PM

The Venezuelan opposition announces march plans for tomorrow, with 26 meeting points along the march route, culminating in front of the Venezuelan public defender’s office.


7:15 PM

Protesters in Bogota amass outside the residence of the Venezuelan ambassador to Colombia, in the north of the city.

7:00 PM

The Democratic Unity Party (MUD) issued an official announcement in the wake of the protest marches and government repression this Wednesday. Governor Henrique Capriles announced a demonstration for this Thursday, April 20, at the Public Defender’s office.

“We can not allow the government to set the agenda…Tomorrow at the same time and in the same place!” concluded Capriles.

6:20 PM

Veneuelan forum on criminal law announces: more than 270 detained in protests this Wednesday.

6:15 PM

Opposition protesters managed to reach the public defender’s office in the states of Barinas and Carabobo.

6:10 PM

The Colombian senate passed a resolution declaring that Venezuela’s democratic, constitutional order has been broken under the Maduro regime and asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take concrete diplomatic measures:

6:05 PM

Security forces have arrested at least 137 protesters in the last few hours in Venezuela.

5:58 PM

Pollster Meganalisis states that 2.5 million people marched against Maduro today in Caracas and over 6 million marched nationwide. “The people are hungry and sick (of the regime).”

5:55 PM

With more and more clashes between the security forces and civilians, opposition protesters keep on resorting to improvised barricades to protect themselves from state violence. These images are from the city of Mérida:

5:45 PM

OAS chief Luis Almagro has condemned the Maduro regime’s use of repression and violence today:

5:40 PM

The Chávez-Maduro regime has taken numerous news outlets off the air. The latest victim of their censorship: Colombia’s El Tiempo Televisión.

5:35 PM

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has expressed his concern about today’s events in Venezuela:

4:35 PM

A member of Venezuela’s

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