iPhone 8: What Are Apple’s New Changes Going To Offer?

iPhone 8: What Are Apple’s New Changes Going To Offer?
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Could the iPhone 8 arrive and fall foul of a lackluster urge to upgrade? That’s the worry Apple has according to those who are close to it, and for a good reason. Recent updates to much-loved products like the Mac and iPad have seen upgrade sales fall as much as 19% compared to previous generations. So, the fact, that the last real innovation for the iPhone was back in 2016 with the iPhone 6. Means, this may not bode well for future upgrade figures. Yes, there are millions of handset owners who skipped the 7’s, but, Apple must offer something more this time around.

iPhone 8 Super Cycle?

The problem for Apple is that its smartphones are well made, and last beyond the traditional 2-year upgrade cycle. This period used to fit perfectly within a users 2-year carrier contract, meaning a huge number were always ready to change. However, these day’s the small iterations seen on devices since iPhone 6 have led to similar performance and durability on the old and newer. So, not only will the launch of the iPhone 8 be the biggest the company has ever done. It will also be the most important since 2015. Why? Because it needs to make its next smartphone irresistible to that massive installed base of users waiting to upgrade.

Apple iPhone 8 or Something Else?

As with all future Apple products, there’s nothing certain about it, in fact, the company remains tight-lipped, even about its name. As such rumors are flying around suggesting the iPhone 8 could be the iPhone X, iPhone 10, iPhone Edition, or just iPhone.

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About the only thing that is clear about this is, Apple is not afraid to mix things up. You only have to look at its iPad naming strategy for proof, IPad has now replaced the previous moniker iPad Air which is a little odd. In our opinion, it should stick with a numbering system; we don’t mind if that’s 8-or-10, either way, it won’t confuse would-be next-gen handset owners too much.

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Big Display Changes

An area in which the iPhone has been lagging behind its biggest rivals in is Display technology. Previous generations have used the companies own IPS Lcd tech; however, consistent rumors point toward change. A change that will propel a future iPhone 8 into the same league as Samsung and LG‘s flagship smartphone devices. But, and there’s a big but, it will need the help of the former, and its biggest rival to do so.

Just a few day’s ago the Nikkei Asian Review reported that Apple had placed an order for 70-million OLED display panels from Samsung. That’s a huge number, and if all goes well for Apple, it will mean its next display will offer deeper blacks and more vibrant colors.

It’s also thought that this new display will use the same approach as seen on the Galaxy S8’s. Giving the handset a screen with curved edges which help to provide the illusion of smaller bezels.

Big is Growing

In what the Nikkei Asian Review referred to as an “exclusive” it thinks that along with the standard 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch devices. The iPhone 8 will sport a 5.8-inch display making it the biggest Apple smartphone ever! Seriously, this would dwarf all that has come before it, further advancing Apple’s need to satisfy all.

However, this thinking is backed by the belief an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will come into existence. And not the also rumor worthy standard-8 and 8 Plus, which just goes to show how fractured information is.

 Home Button gone?

Long before the rumors and subsequent news broke about the existence of the Galaxy S8 having no Home Button. Next Gen iPhone rumors had been around for some time, in fact, even before the iPhone 7 was a reality. And those stories contained information about it not having a Home Button.

So, it’s highly likely that Apple will remove the physical home button button and place it on the screen along with the Touch ID sensor. However, it’s possible; this sensor could find its way to the rear of the device as seen on the Galaxy.

Wireless charging

Apparently, there is more than one team working on Wireless charging at Apple. Why multiple teams? We don’t know, however, it is possible that each represents a different device and its unique requirements. Although, another rumor points towards Foxconn manufacturing wireless charging modules for the iPhone 8. Which means the technology is ready to be included in the next smartphone.

Additionally, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also suggested that all future iPhone’s will get the tech. This presumably means, the rumored 7s, 7s Plus, and the flagship, as more is revealed we will let you know.

Improved Waterproofing

Imagine an iPhone without a lightning port or even a replacement USB-C port? That’s what a report via the Korea Herald has suggested may happen. Which means Apple could be looking to improve the waterproofing of the iPhone 8. And that’s something which would happen if USB-C didn’t replace the Lightning port. Such a move would take it from the previous IP67 to the converted IP68 range.

Again, we will update you as more details become available, what do you want from the next-generation iPhone?

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