How To Invite Someone On Your Facebook Live Video


You’ve seen those notices on Facebook, telling you that one of your friends or many associates is Live. If you didn’t know, it’s referring to Facebook Live. And it’s the social media platforms tool which puts you in front of those who want to watch you spread your message. However, now Zuckerberg and Co, have tweaked it a little to allow you to invite others to take part. Meaning, that, not only you but, guests can take part in what is now a split screen streaming tool.

Here’s everything you need to know, including how to use it.

Facebook Live Split Screen Streaming

If you’re familiar with Facebook Live, you may have already guessed, what you may use such a streaming tool for. Not only could you invite friends for a live chat, but, you could also, conduct meetings, which is great if you own business. On, the point of business, could this have been the idea behind it? Imagine, being able to conduct employee meetings or even just regular interviews for publishers. The usefulness of such a tool is, well, quite mind boggling.

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Split Screen Requirements

Now, before we get to showing you how to use Facebook Live Split Screen Streaming, if you’re new to it, read this tutorial. Additionally, you should know that you can not just invite anyone to take part. No, that person must have already been watching your Live Stream to be able to participate in a Split Screen video. And also have a mentions account, that’s according to Facebook.

Oh, and one last, irritating, but, incredibly important piece of information worth sharing. Is that right now, this is only available for iOS users, so that’s iPhone and iPad owners. Sorry Android users, there’s no way around this at the moment.

So, if you have everything that is required of you, it’s time to move onto the tutorial.

How To Setup A Facebook Live Split Screen Stream

As with all of our guides, it’s advised that you don’t skim through this next part. Instead, read each step individually and then act upon it, before moving on.

1. Once your own stream is live, Swipe Left. Doing so will enable you to see who is viewing your video.

2. Having scoured the list for compatible viewers, select him or her you want to take part in your Facebook Live Split Screen Stream. This is done by Tapping The Icon near their name. Followed by Tapping Invite To Go Live.

3. Once your guest has helped to entertain your viewers, either by answering questions, or sharing useful information. It’s time to remove them from the stream.

To do that, Select Your Guests Windows followed by Tapping The X. And that is it, you now, know how to invite people to your Facebook Live Stream and remove them from it.

How will you make use of this tool, will it be for business or pleasure? Let us know in the comments section below.