George Roberts: Private Equity Investments and Social Enterprises

Published on Apr 18, 2017

An interview with billionaire Private Equity giant and Co-CEO of KKR, George R. Roberts. In this interview George discusses Private Equity and his investments at KKR. George also talks about social enterprises he has funded and created, and how KKR is doing more to become socially and environmentally conscious when investing.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
3:50 What do you do at KKR? What is Private Equity?
8:48 Why do you work with your companies as partners instead of just investments?
11:48 Why you think about environmental, social and governance (ESG)? What is its link to value?
17:13 Sustainable Value Video
20:35 Private Equity has traditionally been against sustainability
23:44 How to keep investors patient for the long term gain?
28:30 Advice for major public companies about keeping investors happy for the long term?
30:23 Thoughts on energy investments
37:24 How do you demonstrate performance in ESG?
39:07 Role of private companies and social enterprises in contributing to the economy
43:08 Has KKR ever passed on a investment opportunity because of a ESG factor?
44:24 What sustainability issue are you personally most interested in?
45:29 Are you concerned about high unemployment in the USA?
49:22 What policies and tech trends do you want to focus on?
51:26 How do you think about reputation in terms of dollars?
52:15 Regulation
53:48 How do you manage having Co-Chairman and Co-CEO’s?
56:33 When the history of Private Equity is written, what will it say of its net benefit on society?

Interview Date: 14th November, 2013
Event: BSR Conference 2013
Original Image Source: