Best Galaxy S8 Deals: Where To Get Them In The USA

Best Galaxy S8 Deals: Where To Get Them In The USA

Exciting times are ahead, what with Samsung recently announcing its S8 and S8 Plus handsets. People all over the world are clamoring for more information about them or to pre-order so that they can get their hands on one early. If that’s you and you haven’t found the best Galaxy S8 deals yet, here’s where you can find them in the USA, and the UK.

The Best Galaxy S8 Deals

With the S8 and S8 Plus Samsung is ushering in a new era, the era of the almost bezel-less smartphone. At 5.8-inches and 6.2-inches these devices sport Super-AMOLED displays which are near edge-to-edge perfect. Meaning that the two curved edges make it seem as though the face of each device is all display. Something which, Samsung has been the driving force behind in the mobile technology industry for some time.

Additionally, there’s improved battery technology, Samsung’s most advanced ever. As well as (depending on where you live) a Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 chipset accompanied by 4GB of RAM. Meaning the S8’s are by far the companies most advanced smartphones ever.

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Where To Find In The USA

So, now that you know some more about the caliber of these devices, here are the best Galaxy S8 deals.


To start with, we’ve discovered that both the S8 and S8 Plus are available unlocked on Coming in Silver, Gold, or Black, at the time of writing they were available for delivery no later than May 2nd, 2017. And would be purchased via the seller Wireless Everything, it’s worth noting that this device is the international version.

The cost of the standard unlocked S8 including Free Shipping is $999.99.

While the cost of the unlocked S8 Plus including Free delivery is $1299.99.


If you prefer to stick with a carrier to bring down the cost, AT&T has the two handsets on sale for $750 and $850. Now, if you choose a monthly contract, the S8 starts for around $25 upfront and a reasonable $28 per month after that.

Additionally, as a sweetener, the purchase of a Galaxy S8 gets you as Gear VR. Which is perfect for testing out that new infinity display, and exploring the world of virtual reality.


Like AT&T Verizon is also offering a Gear VR with the purchase of a pay monthly contract S8 or S8 Plus. However, while its handset bought upfront price may be slightly lower at $720 and $840, it’s monthly price is not. To get them you will have to pay $30 and $35 per month; additionally, you should expect to get the VR headset shortly after the handset.


Sprint is selling the two variants for $750 and $850 respectively, however, it is hoping that consumers sign up to its monthly installment plans. Which like with the other carriers bring with it the Gear VR.

The carrier’s plans are as follows: For the S8, you can lease the handset or pay over 24-months. Both options will set you back $31.25 per month, however, at the end of the lease you must hand the phone back. As for the S8 Plus, it too can be had via lease or monthly purchase, but it will cost $35.42 per month.


With T-Mobile, the S8 and S8 Plus can be had free of monthly installments for $750 and $850. However, T-Mobile is offering a slightly reduced rate for the monthly installment option should you wish to pay something upfront.

For the S8, if you pay $30, its monthly cost will be $30, as for the larger of the two devices. You will be expected to pay $130 upfront if you want it for as little as $30 per month. These plans also come with the Galaxy VR, which could be an extra sweetener depending on your point of view.


Finally, over on Ebay, there are probably the best Galaxy S8 deals of the unlocked variety we’ve seen so far. On sale via a Top-Rated Plus seller with 99.9% positive feedback, these come with a manufacturers Warranty. Additionally, you can have them in Gold, Silver, Black, Blue, or Gray.

The cost of the standard unlocked S8 including is $849.82. Delivery will cost a further $15.99.

While the cost of the unlocked S8 Plus including Free delivery is $969.82. Delivery will cost a further $15.99.

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