Apple Watch Series 3 To Accompany Series 2 And Launch In The Fall

Apple Watch Series 3 To Accompany Series 2 And Launch In The Fall
Image Source: Apple press office

Around 7-months ago Apple thrilled the world with the release of the Apple Watch Series 2. A smartwatch which offered some improvements over the previous generation, with an important one being battery life. However, like all technology, it eventually will have had its day, and the Cupertino-based outfit will launch its successor. Probably named the Apple Watch Series 3, if the same naming convention is used, what could we expect to see in the way of improvements?

Apple Watch Series 3

To start with, the site DigiTimes recently reported that sources close to Apple had revealed important information to it. While Series 2 manufacturer Quanta Computer will remain a manufacturer, it will forgo it for the series 3. Additionally, a new manufacturing partner Compal would be brought onboard to handle the production of the older wearable. Meaning, that when the 3rd-generation Apple Watch is launched, two different Apple smartwatches will be on sale.

As for what Compal is it’s one of the world’s largest producers of contract notebooks. Meaning, it manufactures these popular personal computers for brand names from across the globe, shipping 5-Million units in 2016.

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Possible Launch Date?

Officially, there has been no indication given by Apple as to when a Series 3 Apple Watch could launch. Although, recent supplier mornings have given the circling press an idea that the second half of 2017 is likely. However, to be precise, the Fall is the time to expect a release, somewhere through late September to late December. Which, could coincide with an iPhone 8 launch, the Series 2 and iPhone 7 were released back then in 2016.


While rumors are circling that the Apple Watch Series 3 will get both the Sport and Steel casings. As well as a possible new anodized color option and a [PRODUCT] RED Sports option. It appears the internals are of more importance this year. Apparently, Apple will focus on once again improving battery life, along with communications.
As for design, nothing on the outside is expected to change; rumors suggest focus is on the internals of the Apple Watch. With the performance, battery life, and communications the key areas that will see improvement.

New Bands

Over on iMore it has reported that new Fall colors could be introduced. These new colors could be for the Apple Sport, Woven Nylon, Classic Buckle, and Modern Buckle, with additional, rumored bands supposidely on the way.

Furthermore, rumors from earlier this year pointed toward an Apple Patent filed for what looked like modular bands. These if accurate, modular Apple Watch Series 3 bands could provide extra functionality, which could include new sensors and connectivity.


The upgrade from the S1 to the S2 processor in Series 2, helped the Apple Watch gain a firmer footing in the market. Why? Because the first -gen device lacked the processing power required to handle third-party applications well. As for the S2 chip it certainly improved things, the Series 2 is a much more capable device. However, users do still complain about sluggishness when using third-party apps. As such it is hoped/rumored that an S3 chip is on the way.

The rumors suggest it will focus on power efficiency and probably not offer the leap that the S1 to the S2 did. However, it will provide just enough, to allow for improved performance in the previously mentioned trouble areas.

Battery Life

Apple has focussed on improving battery life in the past with the series 2. As such, it can now last for 18-hours on a single charge, which is surely enough? However, as this is an area which the rumor mill suggests Apple is continuing to work on, could we soon see 24-hour battery life? It’s possible, especially, if the following possible new feature does not make it.

Cellular Connectivity

Last week we reported on how the Apple Watch Series 3, could finally see the device freed from its iPhone shackles. Meaning, that the company could finally give owners what they’ve been crying out for, for more than 2-years. And that’s a SIM card inside the Watch, whether that be in the form of an eSIM, built into the device. Or a SIM tray into which a user places a SIM Card the result would be the same.

You could leave your smartphone at home, and receive calls, texts, and surf the web via 4G. The Apple Watch would come of age as a self-autonomous communications device, one that could be taken anywhere. Will this happen? In short, we don’t know; rumors suggest it will! And maybe that’s the reason Apple is focussing on increasing battery life, after all, cellular connectivity would be a power-hog for such a small device.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that the above rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt. Especially considering Apple has not confirmed the existence of the next Watch yet. Although, we think cellular connectivity is a must and probably the most likely of the rumors to make it. Do you agree? What if any, improvements would you like to see in the Apple Watch Series 3?

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