4 Signs Your Mom Needs A New Kitchen

4 Signs Your Mom Needs A New Kitchen
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Taking care of your parents during the latter years is a responsibility you may have. Being able to check-in on your loved ones routinely is sure to be both needed and appreciated. Of course, you will want these important individuals in your life to have the highest quality of life, and this means having a kitchen space that is usable. It could be challenging for your parents to cook meals and you’ll want to ensure the right equipment is there. Being aware of specific signs that your parents might need a new kitchen may be helpful for you.

Sign #1:  Dated appliances

The ideal way to cook a meal is by having the right appliances in your kitchen to do so. This means you will want to be sure to have both stove and oven that are fully functional.

However, your parents may be on a tight budget, and this may prevent new appliances from being purchased. Hanging on to individual items for too long can cause these not to work as well and may increase time spent working in the kitchen.

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Regardless if your parents are in need of a new refrigerator, stove, oven or dishwasher, you should strongly consider looking at various options to help you find it. This will allow you to view a variety of makes and models to select the best one to do the job right and allow this space to look as attractive as possible.

Additionally, you may want to work closely with a design service like Gilmans to create an attractive kitchen space that offers the best possible layout. This could entice your parents to want to spend more time in the kitchen rather than less.

Sign #2: Lack of storage

It’s ideal to look at the size of the pantry and cabinet space that your parents have. Larger storage areas can make life easier and more manageable for keeping foods in stock and making cooking less difficult.

Not having enough storage in the kitchen area is sure to be a problem and one that may prevent your parents from buying enough food. Of course, the ideal way to resolve this issue is to add shelving to the kitchen and make it much easier to place groceries.

Sign #3: Not large enough

Making do with a tiny kitchen can be hard and even more so with age. It may be a good idea to add more living space to this part of the home by working with a contractor in your area.

Being able to have enough room to prepare meals may even motivate your parents to eat a healthier diet. This is one thing that is essential to having the best health during any stage of life.

Another way to ensure your loved ones can get around the kitchen with ease is my purchasing a scooter. This will significantly increase your loved ones mobility and will make cooking tasks less difficult.

Studies do show the average kitchen size is 240-360 square feet for a home that consists of a total of 2,392 feet. This could give you an idea of something to work towards if you’re doing a remodel of any type.

Sign #4: Hard to reach

One of the things you will need to consider is how challenging it may be for your parents to reach and secure various items. For instance, is it hard to get down a can of soup or a pot to cook it in for dinner?

Many of the older kitchens may have cabinets that are extremely high and harder for an older person to use. Some options include adding shelves or creating another space to place things that are used on a daily basis.

Be sure to take the time to do what you can to help your parents not only survive but thrive in the later years. This may mean assisting with kitchen improvements that are sure to help make life less stressful. Being aware of the signs of an outdated kitchen and working to fix this issue is sure to be the key to easing the load for your loved ones. Get started today to be able to get the job done for the highest quality of life for the people that did the most for you in your earlier years!

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