No Bathroom Breaks For Blue Origin Passengers While In Space: Bezos

No Bathroom Breaks For Blue Origin Passengers While In Space: Bezos
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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin can fulfill the fantasy of the richest to travel into space. However, there are some pretty tough rules if one wants a seat, according to An individual is restricted from normal bodily functions while riding with Blue Origin.

Blue Origin can serve multiple purposes

Private spaceflight company Blue Origin, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, can be used for multiple purposes, including space tourism. The New Shepard rocket, which can move people to and from space, can also be used for various science experiments such as analysis of the space environment and the effect of weightlessness.

Further, the rocket can be used as a reusable booster which can come back to earth after being launched and land vertically. During the 33rd Annual Symposium, Blue Origin President Rob Meyerson said there could be other uses for the booster as well.

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Bezos did not rule out the possibility of New Shephard being used as a second stage booster and as a dual-stage rocket to launch small satellites into orbit. The New Shepard system is also helping the company with designing its orbital rocket, the New Glenn. Further, Bezos stated that they are learning various things from New Shepard.

“The [things you learn] are often at the detail level,” he said.

One can learn the kind of seals to be used or the kind of bearings or material that would work perfectly, among other things.

Bezos very clear on rules in space

Those interested in traveling to space can board the New Shepard can travel above the Karman line, which is 100 kilometers above the planet surface and is known to be the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space. But there are a few rules.

At the 33rd annual Space Symposium, Bezos stated that a trip with Blue Origin will be considerably short, and therefore, there should not be any concerns about restroom breaks or vomiting. Bezos said that travelers must use the restroom in “advance.”

“The whole thing, from boarding until you’re back on the ground, is probably 40 or 41 minutes. So you’re going to be fine. You could dehydrate ever so slightly if you have a weak bladder,” he said.

Out of the approximately 41 minutes of the journey, three-quarters are spent on the ground before the takeoff, and therefore, the actual space trip will be finished in about 11 minutes, along with four minutes of actual weightlessness. Bezos stated that such a short trip in zero gravity should not cause any sort of stomach discomfort. According to Bezos, the effects are delayed, so space travelers do not vomit right away. Thus, the company is not worried about any such thing occurring.

So make sure not to eat a heavy breakfast before the trip; otherwise, it could turn out to be a bad experience for you.

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