SwitchCharge Case Can Boost Nintendo Switch Battery Life By 12 Hours

SwitchCharge Case Can Boost Nintendo Switch Battery Life By 12 Hours
Image Source: SwitchCharge /YouTube (screenshot)

Since its debut a month ago, the Nintendo Switch has been a huge success. However, the weak kick stand and short three-hour battery life of the hybrid console have disappointed several gamers, prompting many complaints. However, this serious issue of the console’s low battery life will soon be solved, thanks to a SwitchCharge battery case from InDemand Design.

Best battery case for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch battery life has been a serious concern, particularly when the user is playing a graphically intensive game. After playing a game for a certain period, users start to worry that the battery of the portable console will run out anytime.

InDemand Design – a London-based company – has created the SwitchCharge battery case to address this issue. The battery case provides over 12 hours of extra battery life. Now, with the help of SwitchCharge, the gamers will be able to play the games like the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for longer time.

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The SwitchCharge comes with a 12,000 mAh battery (almost three times that of the built-in battery pack of the system) and a strong kickstand. So, it takes away two big issues that the gamers face. The SwitchCharge kickstand is a great replacement for the cheap, fragile kickstand, which comes attached to the back of the hybrid console. In addition, the SwitchCharge has two game card slots, and a quick lock/unlock mechanism.

According to the London-based company, the battery case can apparently support Zelda: Breath of the Wild for more than 10 hours and Shovel Knight for more than 14 hours. Further, the charging case can support 1/2 Switch for more than 12 hours, Snipperclips for over 13 hours, and Fast RMX for around 13 hours 20 minutes. In addition, the battery case gives 30% brightness and supports play and charge at the same time while playing certain games.

SwitchCharge looking for funds

Currently, the London-based company is seeking funding for the SwitchCharge accessory, and is looking for supporters on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. At the time of writing, the company had raised over $84,000. It was looking to raise around $80,000. The supporters, who have donated at least $75, will get a SwitchCharge by August of this year, notes Digital Trends.

In a statement, SwitchCharge founder – Charlie Baron – said that they love the hybrid console just like everyone else, and just wanted to make it even better. “By addressing its weak battery life and flimsy kickstand, we’re proud to have created a device that we really think helps the Switch reach its full potential,” Baron said.

The battery case is made of durable plastic, and it protects the hybrid console from falls and scratches. The battery case, which weighs roughly 0.85 pound, is just 0.91-inch thick. The company is planning to sell the case at retail for over $130 ($75 at early-bird prices).

This is all very good, but one should keep in mind that SwitchCharge is the first product from a new company, which is making big claims. So, its always wise to double check facts before investing, notes The Verge.  The company, however, claims to have finished R&D and prototyping.

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