Upcoming Xbox One Update: Custom Avatar, Arena And Much More

Upcoming Xbox One Update: Custom Avatar, Arena And Much More
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Microsoft is adding several new features to the Xbox One in its next update, which will be rolling out to “select” Xbox Insiders pretty soon. According to Engadget, the next update is not defined by a just one big update; rather, it’s a collection of all the features that add up to something noteworthy.

Custom profile pictures make a comeback

The next update has some features that are new and some that just expand on what is already available. The most notable feature is Captive Portal support, which enables a user to log into Wi-Fi networks using the built-in browser at places like hotels, college campuses and public Wi-Fi locations. The settings section is getting another streamer-friendly feature. Now, if a user has a Kinect, the camera will zoom to the user’s face automatically while they’re streaming through Twitch or Beam.

The update will also bring back custom profile pictures. You can update your profile picture through a Windows 10 PC, Xbox One or any smartphone.

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“We’re excited to bring this top fan-requested feature to Xbox Live and expect it to be in preview longer than other features to ensure it’s great for everyone when released,” Xbox Wire says.

The profile additions will allow the user to watch a player’s livestream directly from their profile. The profile of every player will display their past Arena tournaments and upcoming tournaments.

When are these Xbox One tweaks coming?

Another important addition is the tournament feature Arena, which enables the community to manage and run competitions from the console. The Arena application will enable everyone to follow and participate in similar events. In addition, features like Looking For Group will see many changes, and there will be a few improvements for Clubs.

Another feature will be the new filter option for dividing your Xbox One games library from Xbox 360 games. The Activity Feed is getting updates as well, and it will enable users to filter posts by games, Clubs or friends, pin their favorites, and hide unwanted posts.

All these features could roll out in the next few weeks to certain Xbox Insider members. There is still no release date for when everyone else will get these updates, but according to Gamespot, the Creators Update is due out sometime this spring.

“These features will begin appearing over the next few weeks, and your use of these features and feedback around them helps shape our release plans to the broader Xbox community moving forward,” Microsoft says.

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