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Value Investing With AFAM Capital’s John Buckingham

John Buckingham, Chief Investment Officer at AFAM Capital Asset Management, joins Stephen Grocer, Spencer Jakab, and Chris Dieterich to talk all things value investing and the best ways to pick stocks in the current market.

Value Investing With AFAM Capital’s John Buckingham


Coming up on the MoneyBeat podcast we talk to a top value investor about what else value investing and how you can pick stocks in this market and … is ninety … Wall Street Journal … now from our studios in New York … Dear Paul vignette and Stephen dresser … hello everyone of this is Steve for a certain called the unknown most of the Tassie take a couple of days off … the second in the hosting … I’m joined here in the studio with Christie check … and heard on the streets Spencer Jacob … and we all thought especially those … with John Buckingham chief investment officer of Al Frank Asset manager and the publisher … of the prudent Speculator

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Al Frank’s New Prudent Speculator – Description

Al Frank's New Prudent Speculator Value Investing

Al Frank’s New Prudent Speculator: The Master of Value Investing Shows You How To Pick Winning Stocks by Al Frank

In this revised edition of his classic book, The Prudent Speculator, Al Frank discusses his investment philosophy and reveals precisely how he goes about picking stocks and managing a portfolio. In addition, he provides advice on an important, but often neglected, subject: the psychological aspects of investing. Franks rigorous, value based methods have proven themselves over and over again. Specific topics include: The four cardinal principles of investment; Identifying undervalued companies; Managing your stock portfolio; The myths and magic of margin; The Tao of investing.