The Strangest Insurance Policies

The Strangest Insurance Policies

Most of us will be familiar with paying for car, home or health insurance, and probably won’t give them much thought until a time comes when we need to cash in on the policy. While these are all standard, everyday types of insurance policies, there are a whole variety that you won’t have given a second thought. The new infographic from Unum has uncovered some of the strangest insurance policies that individuals can actually purchase, and when we say strange we mean it!

While some concerns that you may wish to insure against, such as a loss of property, seem rational, insuring against alien abduction or a poltergeist attack fall at the other end of the scale. Yet, both are types of insurance that are on offer if you look hard enough. The supernatural isn’t the only thing you can insure against, in fact you can even insure against the spiritual as displayed by ‘immaculate conception insurance’. This type of insurance has been purchased by three sisters who wanted to protect themselves against a virgin birth in the event of the second coming. However, it proved a controversial move and was met with opposition from the Catholic Church.

It’s also possible to insure specific body parts or features, with individuals going as far as insuring their moustache. While strange some of the insurance policies do make sense, if you think about it. For example, a range of celebrities have insured the ‘thing’ that makes them unique and ultimately keeps them in employment, such as Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen who have insured their voices, comedian Rich Hall who has a policy against losing his sense of humour, and supermodel Heidi Klum who has insured her legs. However, you’d be wrong to think Klum’s legs were of equal value; owing to a small scar on her left leg it’s valued at £2,000 less than her right!

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Discover the strangest policies available below, and also uncover just how rich individuals could be set to become should some of these policies pay-out! Although, proving you were abducted by an alien could prove tricky…


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