Slow and Steady Wins the Race, with Ariel’s John Rogers

My guest this week is John Rogers, founder, CEO and CIO of Ariel investments, one of the longest standing asset management businesses still in existence. John has a very impressive resume. In addition to his success at Ariel, he was the captain of the Princeton University men’s basketball team, he was the co-chair of Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration, he sits on the board of McDonald’s, and he has given back to his community more than I can list here.

Audio below and more here


Walter Schloss’s Wisdom

Walter Schloss v S&PWalter Schloss was a legendary value investor and some might call him the last traditional value investor. Schloss was an old school value investor. He looked for bargains on a price-to-book basis, preferring stocks that were trading at 52-weeks lows over other opportunities. He spent several years working with Benjamin Graham before moving off to Read More

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