Strategies for Improving SEO in 2017

Strategies for Improving SEO in 2017
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The most effective ways of performing Search Engine Optimization are changing constantly. Search Engine Optimization is the key to the success of any business as it keeps your business accessible easily to the correct searches. Therefore, organizations are more than alert to discover and thereafter, adapt to the latest rules almost the very moment the search engine modifies them. Businesses have welcomed 2017 by reviewing all the changes or trends they could anticipate from search engines. Here are ways of improving your SEO in 2017 as per experts who are experienced in handling all these perpetually evolving SEO approaches and algorithms. Here are some effective strategies for enhancing your SEO in 2017.

First of All, Switching to HTTP/2

Google focuses chiefly on page speed. If you wish to be successful in Search Engine Optimization, you need to possess a sound knowledge and understanding of the way page speed is impacted by networking. You must switch to HTTP/2 from HTTP/1. This is surely a huge departure from the earlier one and would be responsible for a drastic improvement in page speed.

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Must Target Fewer Keyword Derivations

In the year 2017 keyword research, as well as, targeting would be continuing to change dramatically. RankBrain is gradually starting to influence the search rankings. Moreover, it has already been effective in comprehending acronyms, abbreviations, plurals, synonyms, and even the answers. If you are looking for SEO success, it is essential to go about targeting relatively fewer keyword derivations. Those marketers who are actually, acknowledging this fact would be forging ahead of the rest in a truly dynamic and competitive landscape.

Do Not Deviate from the Basics

You need to follow consumer behavior and stop thinking about the algorithms. If you are aware of the latest trends, you would know that there has been a major shift from bulky text to images and short videos. You must give the consumer exactly what they are looking for and allow the search engines to carry on with their job. Hire the services of a reliable bulk mailer Mumbai for SEO success.

Focus On User Experience

With the advent of machine learning and RankBrain, search engines have become definitely smarter than before in understanding what is responsible for a really good search result. The previous keyword ranking factors, needless to say, still exist. However, both SEO and User Experience or UX needs to be integrated because today search engines are rewarding websites that are delivering faster load times and a wonderful customer experience. In the years to come great UX would surely be given more importance than keyword-optimization.

Enhance Your Site Loading Speed and Restrict Errors

Site speed would be playing a crucial role in SEO in 2017 but in some different ways than earlier. Switching to https://, developing websites in AMP and such technical modifications and alterations may cause server side issues such as 404s, overly abundant redirects, or even orphaned pages that would be slowing down the overall site speed and would definitely, kill usability. Your topmost concern would be to make sure that your site is functioning 100% even after such alterations and modifications.

Mobile First Indexing Is a Must, Better Switch to It

Since November 2016, Google has started using mobile-first indexing for all search rankings. So SEO strategies would be shifting to mobile devices. Mobile search intent and mobile UX would be becoming more important.


You need to realize that there has been a shift from content generation to content library in 2017. Today content recency, relevance, and frequency are no longer rewarded with a fantastic ranking. Today search engines and search engine users are looking for a fabulous content that is thoroughly researched, and multi-media organized which is known to provide huge value. Companies must stop content production, instead, think about competing with the top library not only to attract but retain the top readers.

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