Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Could Feature A Dual Camera Like iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Could Feature A Dual Camera Like iPhone 7 Plus
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Next month Samsung is set to launch its next-gen Galaxy S8 handset, a device which has not been out of the news for many months now. With these regular updates have come unofficial but accurate (according to some) predictions of the handset’s features. So, much so that many believe everything to be known about it is now in the public realm. If so, that would mean, once reported dual-camera setup Samsung has worked on would miss out on the S8. Which has led other to believe it will feature on the Galaxy Note 8 later in the year.

Galaxy Note 8

Now before we talk about the dual-camera technology, let’s talk about why we think the Note 8 is real. Other than Samsung’s mobile chief D.J. Koh confirming there would be a Note 8 codenamed Baikal all we have is rumor. However, if the word of a Samsung executive isn’t good enough for you, what else is there? However, if you’re content to believe the horse’s mouth, it’s now certain that the Note 7 scandal did not put and end to this phablet line.

Instead, it has forced Samsung to double down on its production values, and where it once took its eyes off the ball. Meaning, the battery technology, you can expect a doubling, if not tripling of inspection before anything is considered ready for sale.

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Dual-Camera Technology

As we mentioned earlier, it is without a doubt that Samsung once considered/developed its own dual-camera technology for the Galaxy S8. Now, if the current feature rumors are correct, it appears that the company is dropping it from the device. Why? We don’t know, however, may be financial pressures played a part. That part of this story will have to be filled in at a later date. However, what it will mean is, Samsung will remain the only big-player in the smartphone market not to have a dual-camera featured device on sale.

What’s strange, however, is that last month when the company unveiled its latest high-spec Exynos 8895 chipset. It came with material that suggested it can support dual-camera technology. So, the fact that this chip will be used in the Galaxy S8, which apparently will emit it does not make sense. Well, that is if you don’t consider that the Galaxy Note 8 will also use this chipset. Meaning that it could be the handset to feature a dual-camera setup.

More on this Technology

So, it’s now safe to assume that the Galaxy Note 8 will have a dual-camera setup. We’ve figured out that it’s not a remnant from the S8’s development, Samsung isn’t about to leave it hanging around somewhere when there’s a perfectly good handset in need. So, how will this new camera technology perform?

From the information we’ve seen, which comes from Samsung itself. The technology it has produced differs from others by the fact that it has two different sensors. The literature seen describes the two sensors as one high-powered and the other low-powered, which means little. However, we can point towards devices released by HTC, such as the Once M8. It too had one high-powered and another low-powered sensor; we’re just hoping that the tech does indeed differ.

Now, what we can tell you about the Samsung tech and how it may perform compared to previous counterparts. Is that, this new setup will be able to make use of a far more powerful chipset. Additionally, Samsung will have hopefully learned from the mistakes of HTC and what was a good idea but with poor execution.

As for how the Exynos 8895 can evolve this technology, it can deliver up to 28MP for each rear sensor and front sensors. Which is an improvement over the Snapdragon 835. Where the sensor limit for dual-camera tech is 32MP or 16MP for each sensor. Whatever the outcome of this technological barrier, you can be assured it’s an improvement over older tech.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, if you’re hoping for a set of next-gen software features for the camera. Samsung is known for producing multiple shooting modes for its camera apps. However, this year we expect to see a bokeh effect included. As well as improved image stabilization, optical zoom, Auto HDR and more.

So, do you even care about dual-camera technology on the Galaxy Note 8? Come and share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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