Price Of Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Revealed

Price Of Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Revealed
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During the past few months, we’ve brought you leaks, rumors, and concept images of Samsung’s soon to be released Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices. And while there have been no official image releases. We and others who report on tech are pretty convinced we know everything there is to know about them. But, one thing that has remained elusive is their price, that is until a well known UK retailer spilled the beans.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ Price

According to BGR it recieved a response to an email enquiry from Mobile In that repsonse the price of the Korean manufacturers next flsgship devices was given.

Now, if you are hoping for a price in line with 2016’s top end devices, you could be in for a shock! Because the online retailer suggested in the message that this year’s devices would be very expensive. How expensive?

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You have to remember that the figures given are in UK pounds, so we’ll provide a direct translation into USD. However, to start with let’s look at how expensive Apple’s latest devices are in the UK.

The iPhone 7 starts at around £599/$729 USD, and the 7 Plus at £719/$875 USD, so they’re expensive to own. However, if Mobile Fun’s figures are correct, the new Galaxy S8 line could dwarf even those prices. As the standard S8 according to the numbers will start at £799/972 USD and the S8+ at £899/$1094 USD. Which would mean they have the most costly entry prices of any Samsung handsets ever to the general market!

Release Date

In case you missed our previous reports, Samsung will unveil both Galaxy S8 variants on March 29th at its NewYork Unpacked event. As for when they will go on sale, if all goes will that date will be April 28th. If you’ve previously read that the date is the 21st. VentureBeat recently reported that Samsung has decided to do more testing. Meaning, that the Galaxy Note 7 disaster still plays heavily on the minds of decision makers. And that is the reason the on-sale date has been put back by one week!


Regarding specs, most are pretty certain that both Galaxy S8 devices will be extremely powerful. Powered by Qualcomm’s very latest Snapdragon 835 or a new Exynos depending on where purchased. They will be among the best performing handsets of 2017, however, what will enable this is a copious amount of RAM. It’s thought that at least 4GB to 6GB will be on offer along with an almost bezel-less display.

As for camera’s a12-megapixel Dual Pixel at the rear and an 8-megapixel front snapper is expected. However, what is expected to be most revolutionary is that there won’t be a Home Button on the face of the devices.

Final Thoughts

Returning to price, the online retailer MobileFun is a respected one in the UK. So, much so, that its reveal of Samsung’s desire to attach big price tags to the S8’s is believable. Having said that, though, how much is the UK price being inflated by Brexit and the falling pound? We don’t know, however, that could mean the Korean tech giant won’t charge as much in other markets.

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