Of Permanent Value: The Story Of Warren Buffett – Book Review

Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett opens with a chapter about the gala in New York for the premier of the HBO movie featuring Warren Buffett who was at the whirlwind of parties, press conferences and the showing of the movie. “Buffett the Movie” is the first of 329 bite-size chapters about the investing legend from Omaha. Many chapters are reworked to be up-to-date and others are new altogether. The work offers a history of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, which he guided from a struggling textile mill to the $400 billion behemoth of today. In addition to chapters about almost every Berkshire business, there are portraits of many Berkshire shareholders who were along for the ride, be they from Baton Rouge, Delaware, or Murmansk. Other chapters tell of the billions that Berkshire recently poured into airline stocks. Also, there’s a chapter about Berkshire’s huge bite of iEverything Apple Inc., a 133-million share stake worth a whopping $17 billion. With 1316 pages and 2200 photos, mostly in color, the book is an encyclopedic survey of Buffett’s masterpiece of the business world. The 2017 Worldwide Edition channels last year’s Berkshire annual meeting where 40,000 people braved the cold and rain. For the first time, Yahoo Finance streamed the meeting to an audience worldwide. A 4-page chapter with 14 photos takes you to the meeting that Buffett has called “our capitalist version of Woodstock.” Buffett called the previous edition of this book “all-encompassing coverage of Berkshire.”

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Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett/2017 Worldwide Edition by Andrew Kilpatrick


"Rich in detail and insight." --Professor Jack McDonald, Stanford University

"As with Berkshire's Class A shares, the temptation to split-up this invaluable tome should be resisted." --Lawrence Cunningham, Editor of The Essays of Warren Buffett

"A spectacular book...Gives a fresh and raw feeling to the story which is really wonderful." --Guy Spier, Author of The Education of a Value Investor