Nintendo Switch Users Discover It Has A Screenshot Limit

Nintendo Switch Users Discover It Has A Screenshot Limit

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you may have been recently surprised when it was discovered that the console has an “extra menu.” Now, it seems as though this voyage of discovery is set to continue, as a limit to the number of screenshots you can take has been revealed.

Nintendo Switch System Storage

Why a limit to the number of screenshots? That’s down to the rather small amount of system storage available on the Switch, which is 32GB. Apparently, it limits a user to 1,000 screenshots, and upon reaching this warns him or her via a popup.

Popping up via the album app the warning states the following:

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“Before creating or editing screenshots, make space by deleting unneeded data or by inserting a MicroSD card into the console.”

Now, if you’re an avid screenshot taker, the inclusion of a MicroSD card does not entirely free you of screenshot constraints. Instead of 1,000, a new maximum of 10,000 presents itself. If this sounds like a viable solution to you, remember to turn off your Nintendo Switch before inserting a MicroSD card. However, if the beautiful in-game graphics and scenery of titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have you constantly screenshotting. There are other ways to expand the storage available to you, such as use a second MicroSD card or copy the images over to a PC. That way you can keep adding more to the card.

It’s Easy to Take a Screenshot

Unlike consoles that came before it, the Nintendo Switch makes it relatively easy to snap a screenshot almost at will. There have been reports of people accidentally doing so, unlike the Xbox One or PS4 the process doesn’t require confirmation. As for how accidental screenshots are taken, it appears pressing the Minus Button when using the Pro Controller does it. Also a Joy-Con Controller when used sideway’s playing Snipperclips or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild does it.

Discovered by Reddit user megamilkybee he/she quickly announced the discovery to amazed responses. Now if you’re thinking, those responses were negative towards Nintendo and its apparent placing of limitations, you’re wrong. Instead, the moderately negative responses revolved around why anyone would need 1,000 screenshots, never mind the 10,000 with expansion.

Reddit User, Yoshi76 said on the matter:

“I’ll probably hit the limit soon. Not because I’ve actually meant to be taking screenshots, but because I hit the damn capture button on the pro controller all the time when I mean to open up my Sheika slate.”

Have you been accidentally taking screenshots on your Nintendo Switch, if so how has it impacted you? Additionally, if taking them is something you like to do, is this to later share with online friends or for some other reason?

Share your thoughts and opinions with other readers and us via the comments section below.

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