Nintendo Switch Jailbreak Seen Working In Images

Nintendo Switch Jailbreak Seen Working In Images

The Nintendo Switch is the latest console from the Tech giant, one which has shaken up the trusted stationary form-factor. As such it has people all over the world trying to get their hands on one. However, it would seem as though not everyone wants to play games. Instead, there are some who have alternative plans for the console/hybrid which involve a Nintendo Switch Jailbreak.

Why a Nintendo Switch Jailbreak?

Yes, it seems a little counter-intuitive to take a gaming device one that while not of PS4 Pro standards offers the gorgeous Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And then subject it to the same evils as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod goes through to get a jailbreak. Now, before we go on, it’s worth noting that the term “jailbreak” has a similar meaning to hacked or root.

In essence, what happens to a device that is being jailbroken, is the software security measures put in place by the manufacturer are altered. To what end you may ask? Well, if you’re familiar with the jailbreaking of Apple’s devices, you will know that once completed they can run unauthorized software.

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Now, considering the console in question is so new, the only reason a hacker could want to create a Nintendo Switch jailbreak would be a voyage of exploration. After all, no one (reportedly) has tried this before, and no-one other than Nintendo knows how secure its software is.

Hackers and Security Researchers

As for who would take up such a challenge, many claim to have the ability to crack a device. However, as has been seen by the iOS jailbreak community, there are but a few who actually have the skills to do so. When we say skills, we mean, develop a crack/root/jailbreak which is stable and can be used by almost anyone.

Of those who are well known it seems that many are trying to come up with a Nintendo Switch jailbreak. However, the first images we’ve seen of a working solution come from Luca Todesco. He posted a tweet with the words “that’s just how it goes.” The image shows what he calls his JBME exploit running on a Switch.

What the Future May Hold

It goes without saying that right now a Nintendo Switch jailbreak is pretty useless to the average user. In fact, other than proving it’s possible, we doubt Todesco has a use for it at the moment. What’s missing is a community of dedicated developers/hackers who can produce unofficial apps, tweaks, and other useful bits. However, this is how the iOS community began, and then flourished, so watch this space!

As for what Nintendo may say about this development, who knows. So, far it has not made an announcement. However, it could force an over the air update. Something that could bolster the console’s security and prevent a workable Nintendo Switch jailbreak from happening. That being said, this could just be a case of a Todesco being bored now that his iOS jailbreaking work is done. Meaning, we may never see anything come from this on his side!

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