This Nintendo Switch Case Is For High-End Users

This Nintendo Switch Case Is For High-End Users
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If you have already bought a Nintendo Switch, then you probably know that you can use it both inside and outside the house. If you are taking it outside, you should have a case. There are several third-party cases for the console that are not only trendy but also quite safe. However, for sophisticated users, high-end tech case and accessory maker Waterfield is offering something unique.

CitySlicker – an apt case for Nintendo Switch

This San Francisco-based company has spent years making the best high-end cases for video game handhelds and other portable technology, according to Kotaku. One of the best Nintendo Switch cases is the Switch CitySlicker, which is priced at $79. Yes, this Switch case is expensive than most other cases, which range from $15 to $30.

The Switch CitySlicker can not only hold your Nintendo Switch but also five game cartridges. There is an additional space for a small USB-C charging cable, Joy-Con caps, headphones, and additional games. However, do not think that you can fit your Joy-Con Grip or the AC adapter in the Switch case, notes Kotaku. The case looks great with its ballistic nylon body and a leather flap, and is pretty easy to use and carry around.

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The interior of the case is lined with soft plush material with a microfiber cloth surface pressing up against the screen in the front, notes Kotaku. The City Slicker Case is available in four colored leather flaps: blue, red, black, and grizzly.

For bigger needs, there is the Multiplayer Pro

Even though the CitySlicker case is large, it looks smart. But if you want something bigger, you will have to spend $70 more for Waterfield’s Multiplayer Pro case, which is priced at $150. It can hold everything a Nintendo Switch fanatic might carry, even including the Switch dock.

“The grizzly leather tote has zippers that go around three sides so that you can open it and lay it flat to access all your gear,” says The Gadgeteer.

If you think spending $70 or $ 150 is too much, you will be surprised to know that both the CitySlicker and Multiplayer Pro case are sold out until the first week of April, notes The Gadgeteer. The primary reason for buying a case is protecting your Nintendo Switch. Hence, spending $80 or more on a case that looks like it can protect your console does not sound unreasonable.

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