Microsoft May Hold A Special Project Scorpio Event Before E3

Microsoft May Hold A Special Project Scorpio Event Before E3
Image Source: Microsoft HoloLens / YouTube video (screenshot)

Project Scorpio is arguably one of the most anticipated gaming consoles of the year. When Microsoft switched its E3 show from Monday, June 12 to Sunday, June 11, Xbox fans believed that the switch was intended to give Scorpio news more room to breathe. However, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has signaled that Microsoft could hold a special event before E3 to unveil Project Scorpio.

Microsoft would still talk about Project Scorpio at E3

In a recent episode of IGN’s Unlocked podcast, Phil Spencer said the “plan’s not complete yet.” He added that doing everything at the E3 event “would be difficult.” When the Redmond-based company announced that its E3 show would take place on June 11, the company teased Project Scorpio. Even if Microsoft holds a special event for Scorpio, it would still talk about Scorpio at E3.

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Spencer said he wouldn’t want the hardware to take most of the time at E3. He would ensure that there is “a balance” because the company’s E3 show is mainly about games. We will get to hear more about the Scorpio event only after the final plans have been put in place. Consumers are excited about the console. Spencer said he too was equally eager to show them what the company has been working on.

A ‘premium’ device with a ‘premium’ price tag

It makes sense for Microsoft to hold a special pre-E3 event for Scorpio, especially considering the consumer interest in it. The console is said to feature six teraflops of GPU, true 4K support, and virtual reality support. The console would be released in time for the holiday shopping season this year.

Talking about Scorpio’s design, Spencer revealed that it would have a “premium” look and feel. He did not mention how much the console would cost, but again suggested a “premium” price tag. The upcoming console is intended for premium gaming customers who purchase a lot of games, and spend the most hours. He believes that the current Xbox One S would sell far better than Scorpio, given its lower price.

Mixed reality coming to Project Scorpio next year

The Xbox chief told IGN’s Unlocked that the Xbox Game Pass digital subscription service has been in the works for the last 2-3 years. The company had to get the technical specifics worked out and sign deals with third-party publishers before announcing the service. For just $10/month, the Xbox Game Pass gives you access to an evolving library of games. The Game Pass library would have more than 100 games, and a few titles would be added and removed every month.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it was working to bring mixed reality content to the Xbox One and Project Scorpio in 2018. The company would talk more about the MR at its Build conference in May. Mixed reality is when you take real-life scanned items and place them in virtual reality (VR). It would allow user to visualize the enemy coming from outside of the TV frame.

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