US Investors, Consultants Interested In US Investments In February

US Investors, Consultants Interested In US Investments In February

Institutional investors and consultants are always looking out for market trends that may impact their existing or future investment decisions. Knowing what’s being screened on eVestment through the company’s Advantage solution is one way to see what products and universes are piquing the interest of the investment industry around the world. And because the information is updated daily, users can see how major world events like elections, regional conflicts and economic announcements shape what people are looking at from day to day.

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In February, a majority of the top 20 products reviewed by institutional investors and consultants in the United States had a U.S. geographic focus, according to the just released eVestment Advantage Viewership Report. This could mean interest in, or concern about, U.S.-focused investment products among U.S.-based consultants and investors as the new presidential administration gets settled in Washington, D.C.

Institutional investors and consultants in Europe and Asia-Pacific, on the other hand, had an overwhelmingly strong interest in “Global” focused products in February, according to the new report.

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The Advantage Investment Viewership Report, generated through the eVestment Advantage solution, is based on tracking daily institutional investor and consultant reviews of investment universes and products on eVestment through lenses of Global, United States, European and Asia-Pacific profile viewership activity.

Some other interesting points from the new report include:

  • Products within the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) universe, which invest in MLP securities focused on energy infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, entered the U.S.-based client top 20 list of universes by average reviews per product in February. It remains to be seen whether this is the result of consultants and institutional investors expecting gains—arising from energy deregulation rhetoric and increases in US production from the rebound in oil prices—or fears—from uncertainty surrounding the impact of tax reform, if implemented.
  • S.-based and Europe-based clients showed upticks in interest in alternatives. Month-over-month changes in universes by average reviews per product showed managed futures and FoHF macro/managed futures universes drawing the attention of U.S.-based clients and event driven and FoHF multi-strategy universes garnering attention from Europe-based clients.
  • European client preferences diverged from their Asia-Pacific and U.S. counterparts in February, as balanced/multi-asset products made up half of the their top 20 most reviewed list compared to only one such product for both APAC and U.S.-based clients. The top two products by month-over-month change in the proportion of total European reviews however were both fixed income: Henderson Global Investors: Multi Asset Credit and Goldman Sachs Asset Management: Global Credit Broad. All products on Europe’s top 20 list were globally focused.
  • Similar to last month’s findings with GQG Partners’ GQG Emerging Markets Equity product, consultants and institutional investors continued reviewing newly added products in February. Villanova Investment Management Company’s Small Cap Value equity product, launched six months ago and added to the eVestment database in late January, experienced the second largest month-over-month change in the proportion of total global (all client) reviews.

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