iPad Pro 2 Event May Be Set For April 4… Or Not

iPad Pro 2 Event May Be Set For April 4… Or Not
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The iPad Pro 2 is expected to be unveiled at a spring event, with the timing roughly lining up with the reveal of last year’s new iPad models. A fresh rumor points to an April 4 date for the big event, but it appears to be based on something that’s not exactly reliable.

Rumor suggests April 4

Apple World Today suggested on Tuesday that the iPad Pro 2 will be unveiled on April 4 at an event possibly scheduled for the Steve Jobs Theatre. The website based its suggestion on an availability date given by the company’s website.

The current iPad Pro models are showing a shipping time of two to three weeks, indicating that the company doesn’t have any of them sitting around ready to be shipped. Apple tends to clear out inventory ahead of a new model launch, so it seems likely that the lack of available iPad Pros means that a new model is coming soon, especially since the new model is expected this spring. Retailers are starting to offer up to $150 off current iPad models as well, which is another indication that the old inventory is being cleared out. Those discounts run through April 1.

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Upon clicking the “check availability” link on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you see an availability date of April 4 for all the models, no matter what color, amount of storage, or connectivity option you’re looking for. So Apple World Today basically started the rumor about the April 4 event date based on this availability date, merely suggesting that the company will hold the event the same day it makes the iPad Pro 2 available for purchase.

iPad Pro 2 to be revealed at Steve Jobs Theatre?

The rumor adds that the event could be held at Steve Jobs Theatre, but again, this isn’t based on a tip from a secret source. It’s because CEO Tim Cook informed the crowd at the last event held at 1 Infinite Loop that it would be the last one at the location.

Apple is moving into its new spaceship headquarters called Apple Park, the new campus that’s scheduled to open to some employees in April. One of the buildings on the campus is the Steve Jobs Theatre, which holds 1,000 people and was designed precisely for events such as the iPad Pro 2 reveal. However, as 9to5Mac points out, the auditorium part of Apple Park isn’t expected to open until later this year, so it probably won’t even be ready for an event on April 4.

Why April 4 probably isn’t the iPad Pro 2 event date

The tech blog-o-sphere was quick to pick this rumor and run with it, although MacRumors threw cold water on it this morning. The tech blog notes that the availability checker on Apple’s website hasn’t historically been a reliable indicator of when the company is planning to hold a big event. In fact, the in-store personal pickup tool has already slipped back a day to April 5 for the iPad Pro. It’s only been a day since Apple World Today ran with the rumor about the April 4 event date for the iPad Pro 2. The date on that checker tends to float around, so it’s not fixed, by any means.

And let’s not forget that it’s pretty rare for Apple to make products available on the same day it announces them, so it seems unlikely that it will reveal the iPad Pro 2 and offer same-day availability, as nice as that sounds. Last year, the iPad even was held in late March, but the spring event date has been gradually slipping later and later each year. Mac Otakara reported recently that the date will be sometime this month. Apple is expected to reveal three new iPad models, including a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro featuring an edge-to-edge display and refreshes for the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. There might also be a new iPhone SE (although that’s highly debatable), a red iPhone 7 (very questionable), an iPad Mini 4 (conflicting reports) and new bands for the Apple Watch (more likely than the other two, in our view).

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