iOS 11 Will Drop Support For Non 64-Bit Apps And Games [REPORT]

iOS 11 Will Drop Support For Non 64-Bit Apps And Games [REPORT]

If you’re an owner of a non-64-bit iPhone, iPad or another Apple device 2017 and the release of iOS 11 could see changes coming your way. It’s being reported that the company will release the next installment of its successful mobile OS without 32-bit support. Which if true, means thousands of apps will become obsolete overnight, here’s what you need to know.

iOS 11 with 64 bit Support Only

While Apple remains tight-lipped over any future support functions of iOS 11, some companies have done the math. One such company is Sensor Tower which is an Analytics firm based in the U.S.

And it suggests that if iOS were to drop support for all non-64-bit applications and games in the App Store, the figure would be huge! So huge in fact, that a massive 8% of all apps currently available, that’s around 187,000 will become obsolete.

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Time Given To Become Compatible

If you’re asking yourself “How where the above number arrived at?” it was based on the number of applications submitted to the App Store before September 2013. To be more specific, that’s before the launch of the first 64-bit device the iPhone 5s and the subsequent arrival of 64-bit apps. Now, at that time Apple issued a developer notice informing them that all new apps submitted after February 2015 must be 64-bit compatible.

Additionally, it advised all non-64-bit app developers that their products must receive compatibility updates by June 2015. As such, there remain around 187,000 non-compatible apps which total 8%.

iOS 11 32 bit app compatibility

Large Proportion of Games Affected

Now, if you’re an avid mobile gamer, who loves to play games on an iPhone or iPad. The figures suggest yours will be most profoundly affected group, with games making up 20% of the 187,000. This means that after a currently unknown date your favorite game could be removed from the App Store!

What can you do about this? We suggest you contact the developer of a particular app and find out what they intend to do. However, it’s likely that they gave up support for it long ago, or are aware of this iOS 11 news. Either way, contact the developer and find out what they see is the future of the app.

As Early As iOS 10.3?

While indications point towards iOS 11 being the version to drop 32-bit support, could iOS 10.3 do it first? Right now Apple has not revealed when 10.3 will be ready for public use. However, it could wipe out 32-bit apps out first, as has been hinted at by an alert in the iOS 10.3 Beta.

However, a consensus of those familiar with Apple believes iOS 11 will be the OS to make this change.

When Will iOS 11 Arrive?

Apple is expected to announce the next version of its mobile OS in June at its WWDC Keynote. If this goes to plan, its launch will probably coincide with the iPhone 8 launch in September. Which will, of course, give all of those developers who have been dragging their feet since 2013 time to update their apps.

Will you be contacting the developer of your favorite 32-bit app to ascertain its future viability? Come and share your thoughts with us on this subject or anything related in the comments section below.

Image Source: Darren Wall, ValueWalk

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