iOS 11 Message Screenshot Alert Probably Won’t Happen [Rumor]


How does a rumor begin? One person or entity has an idea, shares that idea, and like the domino effect, it spreads. Gaining traction, creating debate, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or accurate once loose it spreads like a virus. One such rumor relates to Apple‘s iOS 11, the next installment of its mobile OS. Starting on Twitter, the whisper spread that iOS 11 would send alerts when detecting a screenshot in the Messages app. Notifying the sender that their message had been captured.

This iOS 11 Rumor Resulted in Uproar

Now as you can imagine some people may like the idea of iOS sending screenshot alerts and others may not. As for this rumor, it seemed as though the majority wherein the negative corner. It also seemed that this was due to the possible update being seen as an invasion of privacy? In fact, the real reason seems to be a little vague.

However, that didn’t stop people from reacting to the tweet with @SakinaMusah reacting on 14 Dec 2016

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“If this ends up being a thing, I’m not using iMessage anymore.”

As for the origin of such a feature, the ability to send alerts each and every time someone screenshots, a message comes from Instagram. This enables a user of the social media platform to save a copy of a message before it expires.

Digging For The Truth

Will Apple incorporate this feature into iOS 11? The fact is no one knows for sure, as the company remains tight-lipped about what can be expected. However, the source of the rumor has been traced back to Twitter user @realjayway. His profile states that he “Fixes cars and uploads to YouTube”, it appears he’s not a developer or has any relationship with Apple or its subsidiaries in any form.

So, there’s no evidence that Apple will, in fact, include this feature in iOS 11. However, Twitter Jay Way in a further Tweet did go on to say:

“It has not been officially confirmed yet. But it was an idea my team, and I brought to the engineers of Apple – J.W.”

This tweet was then further ridiculed by other users of the social media platform with @_vanessagomz saying:

“Um, your team sucks for coming up with that idea. come up with a giraffe emoji; then I’ll be impressed.”


This isn’t the first time nor will it be the last that rumors about screenshot notifications will appear on Twitter. Before this particular occurrence went viral, rumors spread about photo screenshots on Instagram; it too was proven to be false.

Now, if you have any hopes of this actually seeing the light of day on iOS 11, ask yourself this: Does the idea of screenshotting messages that do not expire, make any sense? Why not just keep a copy of the original message?

What do you think, would this be a good or bad idea? Come and share your thoughts and opinions with us via the comments section below.

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