Game Ads Blocker App

Game Ads Blocker App

Update to iCareFone Ads Blocker

When using iPhone for daily life, we often install so many different software or games. However, it is annoying that some ads will interpret you when opening an app. When playing a game, ads always on the top or bottom but never a valuable one. Can we get any useful solutions to block game advertisements? This article may guide you to handle!

Never let these harassing ads trouble you, what you need is an iPhone protector like Tenorshare iCareFone. This software is designed for better manage iOS devices, and it is divided into six small tools which can fix 90% iPhone/iPad/iPod touch issues. To block useless ads, we then need to install iCareFone on iPhone, and you can get it in App Store. It used to be the world’s 1st iOS ads blocker to disable ads in over 1000 apps, and we now make iCareFone even better.

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When Do You Need iCareFone Ads Blocker?

  • Bothered by pop-up ads when playing game or using apps;
  • Close ads but result in open it up;
  • Internet connection slow down because ads’ download;
  • Same ads appear again and again;
  • Privacy has been violated for malicious ads.

Key Features of iCareFone Ads Blocker

  • Block in-app ads on iPhone in time;
  • Remove ads from popular apps;
  • Improve internet connection speed;
  • Support all types of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iOS versions;
  • Permanently free and one-click operation becomes even easy to use.

Procedures for Using iCareFone Ads Blocker on iPhone

If you heard about Ads Remover from iCareFone, maybe you have seen the interface below.


Search iCareFone in App Store, after you install and launch it, you will find “Enable Ads-free Mode” button, click it then you will see the interface below. Follow the steps and the ads remove function will open.

icarefone ads remove steps

Note: Ads Blocker uses local VPN service to achieve filtering of the third party principle. This VPN service guarantees the stability of data transmission, and improves download speed and increases the video cache fluency. When you close Ads Blocker service, the PN icon will disappear.

Also, you will see “Safari Ads Blocker” at the bottom. You can choose whatever you want to block in the options. To achieve this function, you are required to do the following steps: Settings>>Safari>>Content Blockers>>iCareFone. After these operations, you then have an ads-free iPhone.

safari ads blocker

In the end, some users might hold the doubt whether iCareFone will violate their privacy. What you should know is that data transmission uses encryption measures, any individual or unit (including iCareFone) cannot easily violate your data privacy.

Are you ready to enjoy a totally ads-free environment? Give Tenorshare iCareFone Ads Blocker a free download and try it!

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