How To Order And Get Nintendo Switch Online Today

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If for whatever reason you missed the initial rush to get a Nintendo Switch on its launch weekend, you’re probably still trying to get one. Because as is the current trend with new pieces of tech when first on sale, there’s never enough to go around. So, if you’re still clutching at straws and wondering whether it’s worth paying the inflated prices some are asking. We’re going to help by providing the latest stock information.

View Nintendo Switch Stock Levels

First off it’s worth sharing a particularly useful website called Now, this site provides a tool which will check the stock levels of a particular product at as many retailers as it can. That’s both online and offline and provide the prices and with the Nintendo Switch in mind what bundles a retailer has.

Now, as of yesterday, GameStop had the Switch available with an extra controller, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and some more games plus accessories. The price of this bundle was $600, so not exactly the RRP, however, here’s the bad news. Right now GameStop has SOLD OUT of this bundle, there is no indication when it will return.

Having said, the above, if you want to pre-order the console/hybrid from GameStop with a possible delivery date of 4/15/17, the middle of next month, you can.

Get A Nintendo Switch Today

As far as the nowinstocktool is concerned, you can keep checking it to see when retailers get new stock. As it’s a website all that means is you having to reload the page now and then. However, if you still want to get a Nintendo Switch today, here’s are some solutions where stock is available.

Switch Console with Gray Joy-Con: As we write this, there are five available to purchase with delivery expected by March 21st or earlier. It’s worth noting that the price of this device is above the RRP at $476.00, however, the standard shipping is free.

Bundle 2: Next up, there’s a 3 item Bundle which includes the 32GB Console. Plus Gray Joy-con,64GB Micro SD memory card and an extra pair of Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) wireless controllers gray.
As for stock level, there are currently three available, and the entire package costs $719.99 and comes with free shipping.

Bundle 3: Lastly there’s another standard Switch console with the Gray Joy-Con. Right now there are only two available so take a look quickly to avoid disappointment. The cost of this Switch is $497.58 with free delivery.

Keeping You Updated

If you’re considering getting a Switch, you should go and visit the deals we’ve mentioned above, or bookmark the website mentioned earlier. Alternatively, we will keep you informed with regular updates on where you can get it.

In the mean time good luck, and happy hunting!

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