Here’s Why You May Want To Buy Your Next iPhone From T-Mobile

Here’s Why You May Want To Buy Your Next iPhone From T-Mobile
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To make it easier for customers to decide where to buy their next iPhone from, T-Mobile has come up with a lucrative offer. The carrier is offering AppleCare services free to members who subscribe to its Jump upgrade programs or extra-cost Premium Device Protection.

Why choose T-Mobile for your next iPhone?

It is never easy to choose where to buy your next smartphone, be it an expensive iPhone or some other brand. When it comes to money, we all know that carriers or third-party stores give us a better deal, but they have problems as well. With third-party stores, consumers have to deal with several issues like bill credits, yearly contracts and the worst — the additional trouble of unlocking a device if you switch networks.

But T-Mobile’s latest offer will surely attract buyers. Recently, the carrier updated its product pages to add AppleCare Services for Jump Premium Device Protection add-on plans.

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Under the new plan, if a customer purchases an iPhone on T-Mobile and adds extra device insurance, they will get free AppleCare service as well. AppleCare is not actually a free service for all new iPhones from the popular carrier, but instead, it is an extra service that customers will get with of T-Mobile’s Premium Device Protection.

What benefits do you get?

T-Mobile’s extra-cost Premium Device Protection plan is just an insurance program which offers theft and loss protection on the buyer’s phone and runs $12 per month. For the iPhone SE, AppleCare+ costs $99, whereas for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it costs $129. If you buy AppleCare+ services separately, you get free phone support for two years and an extended warranty of two years.

On the other hand, Jump subscribers can upgrade to a new model whenever they want. The carrier takes their device back in trade and pays whatever remains for the monthly payments or half the price of the original value of the existing phone, whichever is less. Apple’s iPhone replacement program is similar and includes AppleCare+.

If you are one of those who lose their device easily, then this program is useful for you. The service provided under the program includes a low service fee for iPhone screen damage (such as $29), free battery service, hardware support with genuine and original Apple parts, software supports for iCloud, iOS and iOS APPS, and 24/7 priority access to AppleCare technical support via phone or chat.

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