8 Strategies To Improve Your Business Using Google Analytics

8 Strategies To Improve Your Business Using Google Analytics

Tracking of user activities in various websites has come a long way. The advent of enhanced web tools like Google Analytics has made it easier to track site visitors and their activities. From revealing how users found your site to giving information on the amount of time visitors spent on your site, Google Analytics comes with loads of information. For someone who is not so well versed with the tool, it is easy to get overwhelmed considering the volume of information available for exploit. However, that shouldn’t be the case. For those who aren’t sure of the fitting combinations, the ultimate guide is here for you. So what should you focus on?

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Google Analytics

Asses the Bounce Rates

For those who have stayed in the analytics realm long enough, there is no doubt that bounce rate is an essential piece of information. If a site has several visitors drifting away after viewing one page only, then this is an indication that all isn’t well. In such cases, one needs to go back to his site and optimise it to suit the users. You can hire professionals from LasVegasWebDesignCo.com to help you with ideas on reducing bounce rates.

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Find out the sources of traffic

Having an idea of where most traffic emanates from is a huge step to tapping future markets. For both paid and organic traffic, you need to discover the sources. This provides a better guide on which ads to buy and which type of organic efforts are worth concentrating on. Take for instance social media. If there is little impact on social media and more traffic coming from blogs, you can reallocate your resources appropriately to ensure maximum profitability.

Study the trends

Every piece of information provided by Google Analytics has an explanatory variable. A viral infographic, for instance, can escalate the bounce rates. To be on the safer side, you need to have a firm grip on the trending data. Day after day, take advantage of this tool to examine the trends and respond appropriately.

Analyse User Flows

The ‘users flow’ feature is one of the most incredible when it comes to Google Analytics. Studying this feature helps you come to terms with client behaviours and their interaction with your website. It also gives you an insight into their likes and dislikes. This way, you will be able to make necessary changes and improve client interaction within your site. You can only improve what’s measurable.

Find out the keyword driving visits

Which keywords do people use to search and land on your pages? Using Google Analytics, it is possible to identify the terms visitors use to search for service providers and clients. That way, you can emphasize on keywords that guarantee better outcome and even change the website contents to match the same.

Google Analytics has proven itself an essential tool in site analysis. For those who take advantage of it in the best of ways, improving user interaction within sites and driving more traffic will be an easier fete to realise.


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