Galaxy S8 Plus And iPhone 7 Plus Comparison

Galaxy S8 Plus And iPhone 7 Plus Comparison

Now that the yearly smartphone manufacturer upgrade cycle has begun in earnest, you have a choice. Well, that is if you like big handsets. Samsung has announced the 5.8-inch S8 and the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 Plus. Today we’re going to have a look at how the larger of the two compares to the iPhone 7 Plus, its direct competitor.

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Galaxy S8 Plus vs. iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung’s latest devices are according to it “a new beginning” offering its fans and possible new users something different. Is that the case? In part yes, however, we think the suggestion that this handsets usher in a new beginning is a bold statement. One, that, slapping a larger display which accomplishes something that was widely anticipated ahead of their announcement. As such, the jury is out, and the deliberation has begun.

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Samsung has created another beautiful handset in the Galaxy S8 Plus, with its glass front and rear. However, this is not altogether new, as its predecessor the S7 Edge had this too. But, one area which makes it different is, its bezels, both above and below the display they’re almost gone.

In comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus relies heavily on metal, with its unibody and larger bezels surrounding its display. These larger bezels mean, that overall the 7 Plus is almost identical in size to the S8 Plus. Comparing their dimensions S8 Plus: 159 x 74 x 8mm, 7 Plus: 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm, it’s clear to see the Samsung is longer and thicker, but not quite as wide.

In the looks department, both smartphones are the best each company can currently offer. And as such are gorgeous devices in their own rights, the 7 Plus with its Jet Black and the S8 Plus with its Dark Black are the color options to look out for.


The Galaxy S8 Plus is huge, at 6.2-inches it could be considered a Phablet. However, that moniker is usually the domain of the Note series handsets. Compared to the iPhone 7 Plus with its 5.5-inch display, its massive, but overall size there’s not much difference. As with the difference in screen size, there’s also a pretty significant one in resolution. The 7 Plus has standard 1080p at 1080 x 1920, while the Samsung offers 1,440 x 2,960 which means it is capable of producing far superior images and video.

However, the resolution isn’t the only thing keeping the two handsets apart. The choice of display tech is too, with the iPhone using a flat IPS LCD panel. And the Galaxy S8 Plus using a Super AMOLED, which produces more vivid colors than the LCD is capable of doing.

Other differences include the fact that the Galaxy S8 Plus has a curved display, where the iPhone 7 Plus is flat, and that Samsung’s model uses Super AMOLED, for more rich visuals than the LCD on the iPhone 7 Plus. Additionally, there’s the difference in aspect ratio; the Samsung uses 18.5:9 super widescreen and the iPhone standard 16:9.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus also employs an 18.5:9 super widescreen aspect ratio, while the iPhone 7 Plus is a more standard 16:9. So, there’s no doubting that the Galaxy S8 Plus display is the superior, the problem is, its size may put some off.


On the rear of the Galaxy S8 you will find a 12MP sensor; unfortunately, it’s similar to the one found on the S7. So, it appears there’s no upgrade, however, this camera was one of the best in 2016. Compared, the iPhone 7 Plus has its dual-lens rear setup up, yes it’s 12MP, but that additional sensor makes the difference.

It can be used to create the Bokeh effect, something which Apple said would help people to use its camera professionally. In fact, the 7 Plus camera has a lot of features not found on the Galaxy S8 Plus which is unfortunate.

As for the front-facing cameras, there’s little to shout about for either here. In fact other than the fact the iPhone has a 7MP sensor and the S8 Plus an 8MP sensor there’s not much to say.


Because we’re dealing with Flagship devices from the top two manufacturers in the world, you can expect super fast performance. However, the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus is a product of 2016. And the Galaxy S8 Plus of 2017, we should expect some differences, right?

There’s no doubting that with its A10 Fusion Chip and 3GB of RAM, the 7 Plus has near perfect performance. This combination has helped Apple create a device that is superior in performance to all of the company’s devices that came before it.

In comparison, the S8 Plus depending on where you live will come with either the Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 chipset. Both of which are the best currently available from Qualcomm and Samsung alike. Offering increased performance, but more efficiency when it comes to power usage. As for RAM, Samsung has stuck with 4GB, meaning this combination is easily a match for the iPhone 7 Plus. However, the proof will be in real world testing, which we will bring you the results of at some point later.


At 3500mAh for the S8 Plus and 2900mAh for the 7 Plus, there’s a clear difference. One which would initially have you believe the Galaxy S8 Plus has the advantage. But, you would be wrong, its larger Super AMOLED display means it is power hungry. And as such, it would more than likely require at least one top up charge per day, as does the 7 Plus.

As for features aimed at getting that charge done quickly, the Galaxy S8 Plus has fast-charging technology. Meaning it can get to 100% within an hour if you leave it standing with WiFi and Bluetooth switched off. There’s also wireless charging if you feel the need to buy a compatible plate, how fast it works, we don’t know. But, we can tell you that the iPhone 7 Plus has neither of these charging features.


You can get your hands on a iPhone 7 Plus for around $769/£719/AU$1,269. As for the Galaxy S8 Plus, right now it is available to pre-order from various carriers for around $840/£779/AU$1,349. You can view offers here

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