Galaxy S8 Fake Photos Appears Online

Galaxy S8 Fake Photos Appears Online

Just a few day’s ago the world was treated to a viewing of what can only be described as a Galaxy S8 fake! The device was seen in pictures, being shared on the Chinese social media site Weibo. However, while it has the good looks, design, and name of the soon to be released official handset, it’s fake. Meaning that it’s build quality will more than likely be poor and the software more generic. However, there remains the possibility that this isn’t real after all. Instead, this could be someone’s idea of a joke.

Galaxy S8 Fake

Galaxy S8 Fake or Not?

While there’s no doubt that China has in the past been referred to the as the Home of the Copy or Fake. There is no evidence this time around to confirm that this Galaxy S8 fake is real. That is other than a post on Weibo which contained images of the device and the sentence, ““Huaqiangbei is being abusive”.

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On Closer Examination

Now, if you take a look at the S8 in these pictures it quickly becomes apparent that it’s a fake, why? While it has the impressive screen-to-body ratio of the genuine article, it’s not pretty to look at. After taking a quick look, we noticed was that the alignment of the selfie camera and front sensors are off. Furthermore, for some reason, the rear camera module is too big, it looks nothing like the official camera sensor!

Moving forward this Galaxy S8 fake could be very thick because if you take a look at the display panel shadows can be seen. Yes, it’s possible that this is a prototype handset and not a cheap copy. However, Samsung has been rumored to be working on its AI/Bixby for some time now. So, the lack of its button on the left-hand side of the device is an indication of its authenticity. As is the apparent misplacement of the fingerprint scanner onto the opposite side of the camera.

What and Where is Huaqiangbei?

Huaqianbei is an area in the Shenzhen region of China, and it’s well known for its expertise in electronics manufacturing. As for where this Galaxy S8 fake was produced, it’s possible that Samsung has partners working the area. It’s also possible that a rogue partner has stolen key designs and passed them across to fake manufacturers. Additionally, it’s plausible that some components of the real device are being made there too, as previous leaks have suggested.

Purchasing a Fake or the Genuine Handset

While there’s nothing new about Chinese copy manufacturers creating fake handsets. For Samsung, this has to be a concern, as its Galaxy S8 has not been revealed yet and already the fakes are widely being talked about. However, what can it do? It only takes one disingenuous employee to snap a picture or download a file. In fact, in the past, it’s been discovered that some people have stolen handsets from factories and sold to criminals.

So, it appears that Samsung’s only choice is to demand tighter security at all of its partner’s premises. It’s possible that this could have prevented the Galaxy S8 fake from emerging!

What do you think about this fake, would you buy one? Or would you prefer to own the official device?

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