Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Leaked by Chinese Leakster

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Leaked by Chinese Leakster
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Just one day after the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. We can inform you that some exciting news about the Galaxy Note 8 has been leaked. Coming from a well-known and respected leakster, mmddj_china it reveals a possible launch date and adds more fuel to a possibility of a foldable design.

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Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Leaked

Coming to us via Twitter, this latest of leaks talks about the 4th quarter of this year. However, there’s some vagueness here, because there’s no mention whether this is an announcement or launch. We would expect it to be a launch, considering there’s possibly a Galaxy X launching in Q3.

Foldable Display

There have been plenty of rumors circling about the Galaxy Note 8 and its release date. However, another rumor which is by far rarer has also been reiterated by the Chinese Leakster. But, this time around, we’ve seen reference to a Galaxy-X with a foldable display. Now, we don’t believe this is a real device. Instead, it dates back to late 2016 rumors before Samsung had mentioned the Note 8.

So, with that in mind and now a Galaxy Note 8 indeed on its way this year. We think, it is this handset, if any, that could benefit from a foldable display. If that proves to be correct, it would mean Samsung is going to revolutionize the smartphone industry. And at the same time reinvigorate the Note series after such a dreadful 2016 and Note 7 fiasco.

Foldable Display Would Change Everything

Back in early December, Korean site ET News reported leaks coming from those close to Samsung believed in a foldable display too. In the report, there was information about how Samsung had been working on flexible/foldable displays for years. If you don’t remember, back in 2008, the company showed off a prototype at a trade show. Since, then rather than release a smartphone using it, it has preferred to refine the technology.

Now, however, mainly in part to the Note 7, and the need to produce something that will wow consumers. The Galaxy Note 8 may indeed be the recipient of such technology, something we would be excited to see. But, would this mean, Samsung would push the size of the Phablets display larger than the 6.2-inches seen on the Galaxy S8 Plus? It’s certainly likely, considering, historically the Note series have been the larger Samsung devices. Furthermore, could this mean the end of the traditional Samsung tablet? Because traditionally they have been the larger device if the Galaxy Note 8 was to encroach on this territory why continue to produce them?


As you can see, the introduction of a foldable display could fundamentally change Samsung mobile device offering. However, with all of those questions still to answer, we’re sure to see leaks confirming or denying them soon. Back to the report, we mentioned earlier; it suggests an OLED display could be the chosen display technology. At this moment in time, Samsung has chosen Super AMOLED, however, as it is the world’s largest manufacturer of OLED panels it’s plausible.

In fact, you could almost say its a pre-requisite, considering rumors suggest the iPhone 8 will have an OLED display. Samsung, could not allow itself to become left behind in an area of smartphone development is has led in for years.

Final Thoughts

While all of the above is speculation, has previously leaked information about the Galaxy S8 and other devices. The majority of which have proven to be accurate, how he knows these things is a good question. However, all we know about him/her is that in China being a member of the Samsung Galaxy Club, may bring extra benefits.

As always, we will keep our eyes and ears open for further leaks and official statements and pass them on asap. In the meantime, share when you think the Note 8 will launch, and whether you think a foldable display is a good idea.

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