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Final Kodi 17.1 Krypton Release Available For Download Now

If you’re a fan of Kodi 17.1 and it’s latest Krypton releases, its developers have been hard at work for months getting its final version ready. In doing so, they’ve been correcting some severe and other not so serious issues seen and reported by users. Around about one month ago we reported that these fixes would come alone in the final version. As such, today we can inform you that the final version of Kodi 17.1 is ready for download.

Kodi 17.1 Krypton

Now unlike previous updates of this software, the fixes required were so numerous, that no new features are included. In fact, the sheer amount of bug fixes required meant that some of Kodi 17.1’s developers had to work almost 24/7 to get it ready. As such, it was recently reported that they reached out to the Dev community for support.

As for what has been fixed, again this was such a huge list it can’t be shared here in its entirety. However, to elaborate a little, fixes to how both Estuary and Estouchy look and behave have been undertaken and concluded. And mean that both of them are now more stable than they previously were, and now work as previously envisioned.

Improvements Worth Noting

Many complaints and reports were seen and directed towards the team working on Kodi Krypton where input based. Meaning that both keyboard and Analog-stick methods prior to this update left a lot to be desired. However, now that the fixes are in place. The team is confident that those headaches which included keyboard mapping are now a thing of the past. Another huge fix for Kodi 17.1 is in how its plugins perform when building a content list. Apparently, this is also now more reliable and is less likely to leave users feeling frustrated.

On announcing the Kodi 17.1 Krypton final release, the team responsible said via kodi.tv:

“This is the bugfix release for v17.1 “Krypton” which contains our continuous effort to improve the v17 release further,”

“Our team tried to tackle as much of the reported problems as possible with the limited resources we have. We do want to note that since we are just a small team some of the reported bugs might not get fixed due to lack of developers or time.”

The Fix List

  • Update Estuary and Estouchy with some bugfixes and improvements
  • Fix EDL skipping
  • Fix slow song smartplaylist
  • Several PVR fixes
  • Update Chorus webinterface
  • Fix add-ons not being marked broken when they are updated with broken flag
  • Improve keyboard mapping during button mapping
  • Add limiter on random songs which should prevent large memory usage on big libraries
  • Improve keyboard mapping during button mapping
  • Improve analog stick handling
  • Include RTMP input-stream add-on for Windows
  • Improve plugin performance when building the content list
  • Fix replay gain for music files
  • Fix controllers buttons on Android
  • Don’t close subtitle stream when switching audio
  • Fix controllers buttons on Android
  • Fix music cleanup hanging on large MySQL music database
  • Add setting to disable controller rumble on notifications
  • Fix use of SMB on Android on new installs
  • Fix possible Kodi upgrade migration hang during add-on update process
  • Add check in Windows installer for Service Packs and updates that Kodi needs to operate
  • Don’t try to read tags from internet audio streams
  • Add setting to disable controller rumble on notifications

Final Thoughts

We’d like to reiterate that the updates mentioned here, and the list above to not fully encompass all the fixes made to Kodi Krypton 17.1. To discover everything that has been worked on and improved you will have to visit the developer’s website. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy what will be for many a more enjoyable Kodi experience.

If you have any questions about this topic or would like to share your thoughts. Please do so via the comments section below, and someone will respond asap.

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