Fannie Mae: The Government Has Officially Taken Both Sides of The Argument

FHFA is structured the same way as the CFPB.  Ths is ripe that our government is arguing one is legal and the other is not.


Peter Chapman:

In an amicus filing in PHH v. CFBP, No. 15-1177 (D.C. Cir.), today — a copy of which is attached to this e-mail message — the Department of Justice doesn’t support the way the CFBP is structured.  By implication, the Department of Justice would not support the way FHFA is structured.  Our government’s arguments today in PHH v. CFPB do not square with our government’s arguments on a Reply filed on Feb. 27, 2017 — see — in Collins v. FHFA which challenges the constitutionality of the FHFA.

Incredibly, Chad R. Readler, Acting Assistant Attorney General, is the same lead lawyer in both cases!

PHH v CFPB decision

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