Facebook Messenger Dislike Button Being Tested Could Arrive Soon

Facebook Messenger Dislike Button Being Tested Could Arrive Soon
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Facebook has for a long time come in for criticism for not including a dislike button next to like and its associates. In fact, it almost seems wrong not to have the opposite of like button to select. However, the reason for its absence could be due to a possible negative impact it would have on posting numbers. But, without official reasons, all we can do is guess! Now, though, it appears Facebook is testing a Messenger dislike button. One that if it gets the thumbs up will be the first time a Dislike option has appeared anywhere on Facebook!

Messenger Dislike Button

Why now? The answer to that we don’t know, however, it could have been inspired by Apple. Because the Cupertino-based tech giant enables its iMessage users for iOS 10 to respond in a similar manner. Maybe Facebook doesn’t want its users to feel left behind.

Previous Reactions

As you probably already know Facebook introduced reactions that went beyond the standard Like button last year. Since many have wondered how long it would take the social giant to catch on and use the feature everywhere. Unfortunately, though Facebook is Adamant sent that it will not include a dislike button on its main website/app. So, you should get used to not reacting at all if a post does not inspire you, or for some reason angers you.

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Messenger App Reactions

Right now the company is said to be testing this new messenger dislike button on with a small pool of users. It’s not clear if the test is country specific or if it’s taking place across the world. However, one thing is clear, and that is the team behind it thinks this is an excellent idea.

In a statement given to Techcrunch a team representative said:

“We’re always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings.” “That means not everyone has access now, but if people enjoy it, Messenger Reactions could roll out to all users.”

As for when we could see this messenger dislike button, no one knows, right now the tests are at an early stage. So, it is possible that new reactions may never make it to the chat solution. However, the company has made it clear that any such future release would depend on user feedback.

Would you relish the chance to dislike some of the messages you receive via Facebook Messenger?

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