EaseUS: Don’t Panic When You Lose Your Data, Recover It Easily

When you accidentally hit the Delete button on a photo, video or file, you know you can easily recover it. Just go to the Recycle Bin and restore it. But sometimes things take an ugly turn, and the worst thing is you don’t know when you are going to lose all your important data to a virus attack, hard drive damage, partition loss, system crash, operating system failure or another issue. Data loss is not just a computer thing. Your digital camera, external hard drive, memory card, smartphone, music player, and other device are equally vulnerable. That’s where EaseUS comes to the rescue.

EaseUS Data Recover Tool
Image Credit: EaseUS

EaseUS recovers data from a variety of storage devices

What if you have no backup or you have emptied the Recycle Bin? In that case, you have to turn to a data recovery software. There are many recovery tools out there. But one of the best tools is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, trusted by more than 100 million users. It’s a quick, easy, and intuitive software to help you recover formatted, deleted, and lost data in three simple steps.

EaseUS recently launched the version 11.0 of the software with a new interface to locate where the data loss occurred, look for the lost files and get them back again. It works with a variety of storage devices such as SSD, USB, hard drive, SD card, digital camera, music player, etc. The best thing about the new version is that you can preview all the recoverable data and choose which files to recover.

How to recover lost data using EaseUS

It’s pretty easy. The moment you launch the EaseUS program, the quick scan begins to search for all the corrupted files. The quick scan is followed by a “deep scan” that tracks down all the deleted documents that quick scan could not find. Now you can select from the search results which files to recover. It ensures that you recover only the required data rather than the entire junk that you may have to delete after recovery.

Using the EaseUS data recovery software does not require any special skills. It is perfect for beginners. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac users. It supports as many as 20 different languages. It’s worth pointing out that any data recovery tool works best when the original data is not overwritten. It means when you have lost important data, use the computer as little as possible until you have recovered the files.

EaseUS offers both free and paid versions of the software. The free version allows you to recover only up to 2GB of lost data. You can retrieve unlimited data using the paid version, which costs $69. But you can get it for just half the price (50% discount) using the coupon code: V9S-6SF-N2U. Plus, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.