A Half-Million People Demand Disney CEO Leave Trump’s Business Advisory Council

A Half-Million People Demand Disney CEO Leave Trump’s Business Advisory Council

Activists plan rally outside Disney shareholder meeting in Denver; Will Iger side with hate, or with families?

DENVER – Community members and activists will protest outside the Walt Disney Company shareholders meeting in Denver on Wednesday, demanding that Disney CEO Bob Iger step down from Trump’s Business Advisory Council.

A coalition of organizations representing millions of people have come together to hold Disney accountable to families. They have collected petitions with a half-million signatures from throughout the country telling Iger that by teaming up with Trump’s collection of troubling characters, he is also aligning Disney with racism, anti-immigrant policies and endorsing the administration’s Muslim ban.

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Disney has entertained generations of families. Now Iger is selling out those families, customers and workers in exchange for big corporate tax breaks. Disney is one of the corporations that would benefit most from Trump’s corporate tax cuts – and families stand to lose the most.

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