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Here’s How To Check iPhone Activation Lock Status

If you’ve recently planned to purchase a previously owned iPhone or another iOS device. You will have noticed that Apple has removed its Activation Lock Status tool, which is a disaster if you want to know if a handset is legal or not. Why did it do this? Apparently, it was to do with the fact that criminals had found a way to use it for their own gain. So, what now, is there an alternative?

how to check activation lock status

Activation Lock Status Workaround

Fortunately, there is a solution which will enable you to check the EMEI of a handset, iPad or iPod and it’s easy to use. However, and this has to be said, it’s likely that Apple will remove this tool too! So, you should do as we suggest, read the tutorial and go and check an iOS device asap!

How to Check Activation Lock Status

As with all tutorials, please read each step individually and do not proceed until you fully understand.

1. To start this process, you need to go to the Apple Support Website in your browser. It does not matter which browser you choose for this.

check activation lock status iphone

2. Once the website has loaded you will see a selection of Apple devices for which it can provide support for. We’re going to assume you have an iPhone to check, so choose the iPhone option from those available.

3. Next, on the following page, you will be presented with a choice of problems areas. For the sake of simplicity choose Battery, Power & Charging.

4. In the following window, select Power Adapter Not Working As Expected and then Bring In For Repair.

Only the following screen you should see an option to enter your serial number, IMEI, or MEID. However, some people using this method have reported being asked for this Apple ID. If you see this, go back to the start of the process, you should then be able to move onto step 5.

check activation lock status

5. If you have completed all of the above steps, you should now be able to enter the device’s IMEI number. Upon doing so and clicking the blue arrow, the Activation Lock status check should proceed as usual.

Final Thoughts

If you have completed the above, that means you now know if the second-hand device is legal or not. However, if the Apple Support tool has prevented you from doing the check. We suggest you keep trying, as there have been reports of it sending people back to the start for no apparent reason.

If you know of another way of checking the status of an iOS device, please share it with our readers using the comments section below.