The Apple Watch Series 3 May Feature Cellular Connectivity

Rumors about the Apple Watch Series 3 haven’t been anywhere near as widespread as iPhone 8 rumors, but every so often, one pops up. That’s what happened on Monday when one analyst said his contacts in Asia hinted that the next Apple Watch could carry a SIM card and feature LTE cellular connectivity, but others feel that this is very unlikely.

Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular option?

In a research note dated March 27, Susquehanna analyst Christopher Rolland said some contacts he met while on his recent tour of Asia told him that there will probably be a cellular model of the Apple Watch Series 3. However, he added that Apple was reportedly still having some problems with it, such as battery life and the size of the form factor that would be required in order to carry a SIM card. The source also told him that the iPhone maker has made “significant progress” so far though.

The analyst explained that Apple might be able to improve the battery life by using a CAT-M1 connection for VOIP and data transfers. His source also claimed that Apple will tout the use of its AirPods with the Apple Watch Series 3 to make and receive calls. The AirPods are now out of stock again until May.

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Why the Apple Watch Series 3 may not have a SIM card

However, AppleInsider feels it’s unlikely that the Apple Watch Series 3 will have a SIM card. Instead, the tech blog suggests that its own solution called Apple SIM is the more likely candidate for providing LTE connectivity on a device so small with such great power limitations. On the surface, that may seem like splitting hairs, but the newest Apple SIM product isn’t actually a card, AppleInsider notes.

Apple SIM was initially released in 2014, although the newest iteration has been out for about a year since being introduced in 9.7-inch iPad Pro models with Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity. The product differs from SIM cards because it’s embedded and thus is integrated directly into the logic board of a device. Not only does this save greatly on space, it also solves power problems by streamlining the linking between subscribers and providers.