Apple iPhone Rumours Run Rampant

Apple iPhone Rumours Run Rampant

For today’s bulletin, we take a look at some of the latest rumours about every investor’s favorite tech behemoth, Apple Computer (AAPL).

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We can use our data to track individual stocks, industries, sectors, and indices. For today’s bulletin, we take a look at some of the latest rumours about every investor’s favorite tech behemoth, Apple Computer.

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One rumour concerns the implementation of a new screen for the flagship iPhone. Anonymous sources told the Wall Street Journal that the company will use flexible organic LED screens (OLED) similar to those already deployed by arch-rival Samsung.

The flexible screen technology, which allows the phone screen to curve and wrap around the phone bezel, would seem to be right up Apple’s alley given the firm’s long-standing focus on form and cutting-edge design. This is especially important for the firm given the fact that the latest model iPhone–the iPhone7, did not deviate that much design-wise from its predecessor, the iPhone6 and thus impacted sales as users saw even less reason to upgrade.

Other news indicates that the company may finally ditch its reliance on a series of non-standard charging ports, which have been an ongoing hassle for users who need specialty connectors and accessories to charge their devices. Instead of the current “lightning port,” the company will be switching to a more standard USB cable– Apple’s many rivals utilize the far more standard USB-C jack for charging. This means that current Android users typically have an easier time when low on juice and lacking a charger–because it’s easier to find the “regular” USB-style charging cord from a nearby co-worker, friend, etc.

And, Apple is also reported to be doing away with the home screen button on the front of the iPhone. This also brings the company’s phones more in line with competitors who made that switch already.

This all provides a new illustration of the shifting sands at Apple. The company is no longer driving innovation in devices it invented or “perfected,” it is merely adapting the changes and features of competitors.

Once more, we see evidence that the firm is no longer “Mac,” but maybe more “PC”and thus reminiscent of longtime rival Microsoft in its current stage of development. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Despite the warnings of analysts that the company simply cannot sustain huge growth, this has had little negative effect on share prices. The company has hit record highs over-and-over again lately.

In fact, analysts believe that if the company can hook “fan boys” and the usual devoted customers into buying the rumoured top-model iPhone8 with the new OLED screen, the bottom line will be further bolstered given the fact that the proposed retail price is hitting the $1000 level. As we saw with the iPhone6 vs iPhone7, Apple really gets a pop with the totally new iPhones rather than the incrementally-improved models.

In any case, the the rumours and gossip has lots of time to percolate. The unveil of the new iPhone and other products will not occur until September.

Below is today’s data on Apple Computer (AAPL):

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Valuation Rank(?)
clost 27
1-M Forecast Return
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12-M Return
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clost 73
Sharpe Ratio
Sharpe Ratio Rank(?)
clost 78
5-Y Avg Annual Return
5-Y Avg Annual Rtn Rank
clost 78
Volatility Rank(?)
clost 62
Expected EPS Growth
EPS Growth Rank(?)
clost 41
Market Cap (billions)
Size Rank
clost 100
Trailing P/E Ratio
Trailing P/E Rank(?)
clost 76
Forward P/E Ratio
Forward P/E Ratio Rank
clost 64
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clost 32
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clost 30
Market/Book Rank(?)
clost 21
Beta Rank
clost 29
Alpha Rank
clost 52


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