Apple iOS 10.3: What’s In It For You?

Apple iOS 10.3: What’s In It For You?
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Recently, Apple released its latest iOS update (iOS 10.3), adding several new features and fixes that many do not care for. The new update also brings several great features, including making your iPhone run faster. iOS 10.3 also brings with it improvements to Weather Reports within Maps and CarPlay, adds Find My AirPods and Wi-Fi Calling for Verizon subscribers, and more.

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What new features does iOS 10.3 come with?

The latest version includes Apple’s new file system, CarPlay, and some other interface tweaks. The Verge notes that Apple’s new file system is designed to be low latency, which should improve read and write speeds on iOS devices, making them run faster. If you use apps which write a lot of data to a disk, you will notice the change. Moreover, CarPlay has been boosted with an Apple Music Now Playing screen and status bar shortcuts.

Support has also been added for searching “parked car” in Maps. There are also many AirPods users who are constantly worried about losing their small wireless headphones. To help such users, the tech giant has added the “Find My AirPods” feature which helps them find their AirPods at home or workplace. Similar to the “Find My iPhone” feature, activating the feature plays a sound on one or both AirPods while you are searching for them.

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Further, Apple’s virtual assistant Siri is now equipped with extra support to check the status of bills usually paid using payment apps, check the gas level in your car, and use ride-scheduling apps.

Apple makes iOS more secure

The update brings several security fixes into all its software product lines as well. In all about 350 known vulnerabilities have been fixed. An update for both MacOS and iOS fixes a vulnerability in which connecting to what appears to be a secure server opens the way for remote code execution.

The vulnerability showed that iOS and MacOS would validate a malicious and invalid certificate when a Safari browser navigated to a HTTPS site, making the user vulnerable to attack. Talos, a threat intelligence organization, revealed that the vulnerability also existed within Chrome, according to 9to5Mac.

Despite the many vulnerabilities that Apple has fixed this week and the reports from WikiLeaks about previous exploits that the CIA used on Mac and iOS devices, users can’t still relax. In the modern world where cyber-security is most important, it is vital that users back up and secure their devices regularly.

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