This App Will Allow You To Take Selfies And Converse With The Dead

This App Will Allow You To Take Selfies And Converse With The Dead
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Technology knows no bounds, and a recent app proved it. Recently at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), a bizarre app was released by the South Korean tech firm Elrois. This weird tech enables users to take selfies and chat with avatars of their dead relatives. This all sounds paranormal, or maybe it’s the new tech normal.

How this app works

To use this app, a user should have a 3D image of their friends or family and have them digitally recreated when they are alive. Then the app dubbed “With Me” will enable the user to take selfies with them after they die. It also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to start a conversation with these 3D avatars to give users the feeling that they are able to talk to their relatives or friend who passed away.

Elrois spokeswoman Eun Jin Lim told the BBC that the app was designed for someone who lost a family member.

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“That is for my personal experience, I had my grandmother before…and she passed away a few years ago, but I really regret that she passed away and we didn’t have any pictures together. I cannot take a picture with her anymore; in that case, it would be great to use our avatars,” she said.

It remains to be seen if there are takers for this new strange tech or whether it is just another out-of-the-box idea which will never capitalize. You can watch the video of the app here.

Other weird apps

Until now, it was only horror and creepy games like The House of Horror: Can You Escape, Forest 2 and Year Walk that caught the imagination of users, but apps are gradually entering the weird zone.

With Me is not the only weird app that we have; in fact, there are plenty such apps. For instance the Spirit Story Box: Ghost Hunting Tool iOS app translates what the ghosts that are supposedly present around us have to say.

“Spirit Story Box is a beautifully designed communication tool designed to allow spirits to generate single- or multi-word messages,” the app’s description reads.

Another weird app, Unfortunate Cookie, has only bad news in store for the user. In this, an antagonistic cookie appears just to tell a bad fortune to the user.

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