Facebook Is Taking Big Leaps In The U.S. Digital Ad Market

Facebook Is Taking Big Leaps In The U.S. Digital Ad Market
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Facebook’s growing display and mobile ad share is next only to Google, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast. The research firm estimates that total ad spending in the United States is set to increase 16% this year to $83 billion.

Video content is attracting advertisers to Facebook

Facebook’s U.S. display business is expected to leap 32.1% to $16.33 billion, accounting for 39.1% of the display market. This can be counted as a major blow to Google, Twitter and Yahoo. When it comes to the overall digital ad industry, Google’s share in the U.S. market is expected to decline slightly to 40.7% in 2017, while Facebook’s share will likely increase to 19.7%.

Facebook is a popular choice for advertisers when it comes to usage and engagement, thanks to its new video content, which increases usage, noted eMarketer.

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eMarketer forecasting analyst Monica Peart said, “Facebook’s users are increasingly captivated by videos on the platform—not just on Facebook but on Instagram as well.”

Live and recorded video fuel growth in user engagement and advertiser enthusiasm, notes Peart.

Further, Instagram is emerging as a key growth driver for the social networking giant, having the potential to contribute 20% of Facebook’s U.S. mobile revenue this year, an increase from 15% last year, adds the firm.

On the other hand, eMarketer believes Twitter’s display ad revenue will fall this year. eMarketer believes the newly-listed Snapchat will see explosive growth but account for a small share of the digital ad spending in the U.S.

Publishers getting relevant tools to measure ad effectiveness

After closing its Atlas ad-serving platform in November, Facebook came up with a new measurement dashboard that displays cross-platform stats. This tool can be deployed to analyze ads shown on publishers’ partner websites and their own Facebook and Instagram campaigns, notes Adweek.

Facebook’s advanced measurement tool (a self-service tool) is already being used by business managers to manage their campaigns by breaking down the numbers on Facebook, Instagram and publisher promos. This helps advertisers gain a deeper insight on the outcomes of their media spending across platforms. Advertisers also get monthly reports on their campaigns.

Facebook’s advanced measurement tool looks at two type of stats for now: attribution and reach. When it comes to attribution, advertisers can to track down the ads that invite more traffic on their pages. Further, there are ways to compare clicks, conversions and impressions to track the last click and so on.

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