Uber Lost More That Hundred Million Dollars In The Year 2016 – Contribution of Apple

Uber Lost More That Hundred Million Dollars In The Year 2016 – Contribution of Apple
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Uber technology continues to produce many new advanced features in it. One such technology is the introduction of autonomous cars which works with the help of radars, GPS, etc. However, this technology undergoes continuous fall of about more than$ 800 million in the third quarters.

This decrease is before the interest, tax reduction and cash deposit without including the Chinese operation. Even though it continues to see areduction in gain it still takes some measures to improve gain in the technology.

Uber’s Technology

It is a technological platform where the Smartphone app combines both the travelers and the drivers. Anyone can book a ride from the Uber by just using the uber’s Smartphone app. When the nearest driver takes your requests your application shows an approximate time of arrival showing you to the nearest location. The application also conveys you when the drive will reach the destination.

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This smartphone application provides you all the information about the driver, which includes their name, type of vehicle, and license plate number. This information gives both the riders and the drivers to find the exact location of pick and drop up facility.

It can also be used to choose your desired destination at any time before or at the time of the ride. The route for traveling can be found out by Using GPS and many other available modes. The estimated fare for the ride is calculated and it is charged to the payment mode in which you have given to the Uber account.

In some other cities, uber makes you pay the fare using cash mode. It can be done when the user selects a ride. As soon as the trip ends traveler will be asked to rate the driver in terms stars. Also, drivers are asked to rate the riders. The feedback system is designed in such a way that it accounts to support the community of respect and accountability for each one in the society.

Contribution of Apple in Uber Conflict

Apple invested one billion dollars in Didi Chuxing which is the Uber’s largest conflict in China. It is well known for making its contribution in driverless cars and this allows making a partnership and colliding with the company. This in offers millions of rides each year which give the company real-time data that helps in learning people’s driving preferences. The investments have been made for various reasons that include a chance to learn about the Chinese market. It is expected that this technology will deliver a strong return in the future.

In the future, Didi Chuxing and Apple is likely to collaborate with each other says, Cook. Obviously, this makes sense as many people view china, as this country is willing to grasp the self-driving technology to help the urban traffic from the collision. This is one of the largest investments in Didi Chuxing and it will continue to make it difficult for them to elaborate in China. The company of Uber has already invested money grab more opportunities in the market like the iPhone business that had made its record efficiently which shows a sign of development in technology.

Uber Lost More than Hundreds of Millions in the Most Recent Year

As the technology of Uber continued to grow in sales, it still faced many problems in the third quarter like loss of money. It is more helpful to the people who are aware of this technology and its merits. The loss of Uber continued to grow even though the firm exited china, with respect to the person familiar with this technology. The survey has been taken and it says that the ride-hailing company sees a decrease of about $ 800 million in the third quarters. The survey has been taken before the prediction in interest, tax, and deposits without including the country of China.

This makes the uber a total loss of more than $ 2.2 billion during the first nine months of the year 2016 and a prediction of about $ 3 billion loss in 2016. The company says that the total loss of estimation accounts for about $ 2 billion a year. Though it faced continuous loss, the loss slows down with an increase of 25 percent in the third quarter to 35 percent in the second quarter. However, the third quarter loss does not include the Chinese operation where uber lost about $ 1 billion a year to complete with a local competitor.

It decided to do an agreement Didi Chuxing to relieve from China with the exchange of about 17.5 percent of Didi. But in these days uber revenue continues to grow with $ 1.7 billion in the third quarter in spite of its departure from China. The growth was $ 1.1 billion in the second quarter and $ 960 million in the first quarter. It has no an estimation of $ 69 billion even though it continues to lose money.

Future of Uber Technology

The future technology of Uber is the implementation of the self-driving car where it works without the help of the driver. Imagine that you are driving around Pittsburgh in the coming weeks you can see a strange sight i.e. a car that looks like it should be directed by a superhero. This is nothing but a test car from the uber’s advanced technology center (ATC).

This car is all about a hybrid Ford Fusion which gathers all the mapping data as well as testing its self-driving capabilities. When a car is in self-driving mode a trained driver will be in a driver seat that monitors the operation of a car. The autonomous car comes out with a variety of sensors that includes laser scanners, high-resolution cameras, and radars which map all the details of the surroundings.

It is impossible to test the automated cars in the real world and efforts have been taken to overcome this issue. Automated cars have the capability of saving millions of people’s lives and to improve the quality of people’s life in and around the world.

About 1.3 million folks die every year due to car accidents and in this 94 % of the accidents are due to human mistake. It is believed that the technology brings less traffic, more cheap and usable transportation and overcoming accidents in the lives of human beings. This intention is at the heart of Uber’s operation to make the conveyance trustworthier for every person. This is still in the early days of self-driving efforts,but makes its testing efforts to improve.


Abruptly it focuses on getting the right technology and to ensure that it is safe and secure to everyone who makes use of transportation like the pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. We have announced local officials and other law constraints about the testing in Pittsburgh that our work will not be feasible without getting the support from the country’s leaders.

Uber prefers Steel city as the home of our Advanced Technology center due to its world-class engineering talent and research facility. Pittsburgh is an excellent environment to develop and test the technology with a wide range of road types, traffic patterns and weather conditions. Even now the history of innovation continues as it helps us to configure the future of transport.

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