Trump’s Deficit Spending Plan Will Bankrupt United States


We discuss giving more wasteful government defense contracts to private corporations, and lower taxes and the damage done to the growing and out of control National Debt in this video. Corporations are already paying a much lower effective tax rate, they need to be paying more taxes in my opinion. Especially given the mergers and acquisitions that the government has let go over the last 30 years which creates massive system and sector monopolies and oligopolies that lead to non competitive industries, and is ultimately bad for competitive market environments and consumers.

First of all, the President of the United States should not be cozying up to any CEOs or Corporations this just leads to massive conflicts of Interests, shoot several Corporations have made me sign massive Anti-Bribery Documentation Agreements to avoid this very type of conflict of interest. This is just bizarre theatre under the guise of Job Creation. But we need to downsize all Military Spending given our unsustainable National Debt profile, the interest portion of servicing this National Debt is very troubling for the future economic health of the United States.

Sure Donald Trump might get a short-term, and I mean very short-term jump in GDP with deficit spending programs, but any increase in Military Spending with an already out of control government expenditure of the overall budget on this category is just pure stupid fiscal policy. And to lower Corporate Taxes at the same time as raising Defense Spending and government spending overall is just more “short-termism” government policy that has dire consequences down the line in just two years time for our federal deficit, national debt, interest on the debt and economic prosperity.

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Donald Trump we don`t need the Boeing or Lockheed Jet program, we need to cut defense spending given what waste and inefficiencies there are already are in this budget expenditure. The overkill factor alone regarding what the United States spends on the Military versus all of our nearest competitors combined is mind-numbing economic stupidity at its finest. No wonder we cannot balance our budget, pay our bills, and have an unsustainable 20 Trillion Dollars in National Debt. The Rate of Change on the National Debt is just beyond alarming, going from 8 Trillion to 20 Trillion in ten years. Let me restate this: Going from 8 Trillion to 20 Trillion in ten years.

Deficit Spending and Increasing Military Spending is great if somebody else is footing the bill, this money ultimately comes from you and me in the form of higher taxes. Sure you can lower Corporate Taxes, but this is only temporary, because everyone`s taxes including Corporations will just be raised higher in the future (Another 2 years) because of unsound financial policy and our Blow Out National Debt, and Higher Debt Servicing Costs. This is not Rocket Science, this is basic 6th grade Math here. This isn`t a political statement, a Democratic or Republican issue, this is a Taxpayer and American Financial Advisor issue.

You don`t get something for nothing, and given the Rate of Change of our National Debt this country cannot afford Corporate Tax cuts period, A Massive Infrastructure Spending Program, or A Costly Deregulation Program that all over the next four years lead to increased government spending, increasing our National Debt, and ultimately bankrupting the United States.

I know this wasn’t what the country wants to hear because citizens want to think there is a magic solution to all these problems with Voodoo economics, but remember Bush`s statement: “Read My Lips: no new taxes” lowering Corporate taxes will backfire bigtime on Republicans and the Economic future of the United States. This just means taxes will have to be raised by the next administration, probably in two years to address growing budgetary imbalances. Surely, the Republicans in Congress are not this stupid, Donald Trump`s Tax Policy is economic suicide. Most Corporations pay much lower effective tax rates, it is part of the reason we cannot pay our current budgetary bills. You cannot get something for nothing, and somebody always has to pay! You can lower Corporate Taxes, You can lower Individual Taxes, but somebody still has to pay for any budgetary gaps, and our growing National Debt. And that usually means higher future taxes to play catchup to unsound fiscal budgetary policy.

This is why Bush had to raise taxes. You Republicans should be smarter than this, to fall for this trap: You Don’t Get Something For Nothing! Somebody Has To Pay! Moreover, Donald Trump sure didn`t want to pay his fair share of government taxes the last 18 years, this just means somebody else did! Guess who? It is always easy to Deficit Spend Somebody Else`s Money Donald Trump!! And keep in mind I am a-political; I am not coming at this National Debt problem with a political axe to grind: we just are a pretty unsound fiscally run country right now, and headed in the wrong direction at an alarming rate of speed.

Trump's Deficit Spending Plan

Trump's Deficit Spending Plan

Trump's Deficit Spending Plan

Deficit Spending

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